You Could Get Into Harvard If You Can Pass This Test

College admissions have become more and more difficult over the last decade, as class sizes have not kept up with demand, leaving more people competing for fewer spots. Realistically, the idea of having to attend college is also changing, as the engrained idea of carrying impossible student debt through life is losing its luster.

Google, Facebook and others have even recently dropped the requirement for their employees to have attended college, as the institution is starting to be seen as an outdated legacy and not the true measure of intelligence and ability.

That said, getting into a school like Harvard has and always will be a signficant accomplishment. Even in these changing times, one must stand out in a unique way in order to make their mark on the admissions staff.

We think if you can answer these questions you’d have a great shot at being one of the chosen few. These questions demonstrate varied knowledge and would hint at a diverse intelligence that would fit well with the other smarties. Can you get in?