10 Weird Invention Of Japanese

Japan has a trend to create weird stuffs. These products are not meant to be produced,looks like bizarre stuffs.But sometimes this may be helpful. The question is left to the users whether those are useful or not.

 Toilet Roll Hat


It’s annoying when you get a drippy nose. That is why Japanese has invented the toilet roll hat. It helps you to take out the tissues whenever you need them.

 Baby Mop


What does baby do ? They just lay around all over the surface in house. This leads the children to clean their own surfaces while they crawl around the house.

 Umbrella Tie


It is a tie and it is an umbrella too. It may give a big strain to your neck but it will help you to not get wet of rain.

 Easy Eye Drop Glasses


If you want to put some drops to your eyes then you have to get the pair of funnel glasses which can help you to do the process easy.

 Sweep Shoes


This is the shoe used to sweep a small place. It has one broom and a dust ban which can be used to sweep and get the bins .

 Extendable Arms For Selfies


This is very famous device which used to take selfie. When people feel hard to take selfie by themselves it is recommended to use this device to use this and take pictures. But it is your problem to carry this wherever you go.

 Butter Stick


To smear butter on a toast, you have to simply get a butter stick and smear it . It is very easy to use as lip balm where it pushes up the butter.

 Ear Plug Earings


It is an earing might serve as a warning when people sitting next to you bore or iritate with their stories you can just plug in these earrings and block their stories.

 Extendo Spoon


This is the spoon which may be very useful to everyone. you may felt a problem of getting into a tall jar with a small spoon. this is the alternative for that problem. This spoon makes you to enter into a tall jar.

 Chopstick Fan


Sometimes you may feel like you really just can’t wait for the food until it get cool. so the fan is used to cool down the food so that won’t burn up your mouth with heat.