Top 10 Things To Do When You’re Home Alone

Being at home is awesome. There are some things that you can do that only are okay if you’re at home alone! If you already live by yourself, this list won’t apply. For those of us living with parents or with roommates, the below details out the Top 10 Things To Do When You’re Home Alone

Undressing Immediately When You Get Home

Funny woman takes off an orange shirt

Especially if you work in an environment that requires business casual or other clothes that are “tight” then this is for you. Removing uncomfortable clothes after a long day is amazing. Now imagine not having to go all the way to your room. Just undress like no one is watching because hey, they’re not home!

Dance Like No One Is Watching


Not everyone is a fantastic dancer. It’s cool though. When you’re home alone, you can dance your heart out. Dance like no one’s watching. Go wild!

Sing Loudly

woman singing in bath shower

Some of your family members or roommates may already know how awful your voice is. Without them around, you can literally go crazy and sing until your voice gives out. Sing those Frozen songs that you are too embarrassed to sing when everyone is around!

Enjoy Your Guilty Pleasures


With people at home, you feel bad doing things everyone knows you shouldn’t. Not just in terms of food, any brony (bro who loves My Little Pony) can watch his favorite show loudly in a judgment free zone. Satisfy your guilty pleasures when no one is around!

Unrestricted Eating!

woman choosing between apple and donut at evening lunch

This is the case especially if you have roommates. You sometimes don’t eat that extra piece of cake because you don’t want anyone judging you. When you’re home alone, you can literally eat the entire cake and then a doughnut right after. Absolute freedom of food!

Talk To Yourself


Did you know people actually talk to themselves in the mirror to pump them up? “Who’s the Best!?! Yeahhh, you’re the best!” The reason you probably didn’t know is that people are embarrassed to do this when there are others around. When you’re home alone, do this all you want. There’s no one around to judge you.

Go To The Bathroom With The Door Open

Interior of a luxury bathroom with marble walls

This might be more of a thing for guys but, poop in peace. Open the door while you poop cause most likely, your own poo smells like lard.

Be A Slob

Tired man sleeping on couch

No one is there to nag you. Take advantage. Many of us actually enjoy being a slob and not having to clean up right away. Just eventually clean up before anyone comes home!

Do Nothing


Doing nothing and relaxing is actually harder to do than it seems. Taking a moment for you is the best especially if you have any shed of responsibilities. If you have kids, you know what I’m talking about. Take advantage of alone time and just be you.

Do All The Things You’re Not Allowed To!

Boy Playing Video Games

Mom says no video games for over an hour? HAHA! If your parents are out all day, why not game all day? In fact, all the things that you’re not allowed to do at home, you can now do once you’re alone. Dad says don’t touch the trophy case? Go right ahead! Being home alone really is the best because there is no one stopping you other than your own conscience.