Top 10 Things To Do On A Snow Day

Growing up i’m sure you always said, “UGH, I can’t wait till I grow up so I can do whatever I want!” Well, if you’re reading this and you’re all grown up, how did that work out for you. Most likely, you’re broke and broke and probably a bit broke. All that stuff that you were excited for growing up probably isn’t as great as you thought it’d be. Not only that, but the maintenance of that lifestyle you dreamed of, probably costs about double your current salary..

Watch A Trilogy Movie



When else do you have time to just bang out 3 movies in a row. We recommend that you sit down on the couch and just relax watching a movie. Don’t even get up. Just relax and let your brain dissolve in the goodness of a great trilogy. (Lord Of The Rings?)

Turn Up The Heat, And Then Go Outside

Young woman shivering during the winter season

This one is awesome. Get really hot by cranking up the heat. Wear layers and then go outside for a few seconds. Before going outside, make sure you’re kind of sweaty. Then as you go outside, take off your jacket and let the cold air in. It’s really one of the best feelings one can experience! Going back in and warming up becomes that much more awesome.

Take A Long Bath

Woman take bubble  bath.

Opposites seem to attract all the time in any scenario. Well, when the weather outside is frightful, head on in for a nice warm bath. Soak up that stress and forget how cold it is outside.

Get Toasty

Feet in wool socks warming at the fireplace

Nothing beats the cold other than getting really toasty by the fire place. If you don’t have one, you can get the most out of a portable space heater and get the same effect!

Read A Book

Hands with teacup

You’ve always wanted to catch up on your reading. Well, if you have a snow day, then you’ve just been given the best opportunity to go ahead and catch up on your latest book. Grab a cup of tea or coffee (something warm!) and let yourself be captured by your favorite author!

Drink Coco


Snow is the one excuse for a full grown adult to enjoy hot chocolate. A cup of the warm goodness is usually saved for kids, but any adult after shoveling snow can enjoy a cup of hot coco. Enjoy it while you can!

Go Have A Snowball Fight

Young couple having snowball fight

A good old snowball fight is the only great if everyone is involved. Go outside and play with your kids (or friends). Set up teams or just have a spontaneous fight. Just go out and cup those white balls of glory and toss them at your target! They’re a good way to be active in the snow and is really fun if you nail a someone in the head!

Going Sledding

Young Boy Sledging Down Hill With Family Watching

If you don’t have a real sled, grab your garbage can top and go sledding on that. Don’t have a garbage can? Find any flat surface. Anything can be a sled if you try hard enough. It’s pretty fun and it’ll bring back memories of your childhood.

Build A Snowman


Do you wanna build a snowman? Do you wanna go out and play? Yes. You should go out and build a snowman during a snow day. It’s only tradition. It’s fun building these guys. Be as creative as you can with what it’ll look like and what it will wear!

Do Nothing


Only on a snow day can you get away with doing nothing. Just sit back and relax. Do absolutely nothing. You can’t really go out and your internet is most likely soon to be gone (in a snow storm). Well, on this miraculous day, take some time to be just you!