Top 10 Things You Were Excited For Growing Up But Actually Suck

Growing up i’m sure you always said, “UGH, I can’t wait till I grow up so I can do whatever I want!” Well, if you’re reading this and you’re all grown up, how did that work out for you. Most likely, you’re broke and broke and probably a bit broke. All that stuff that you were excited for growing up probably isn’t as great as you thought it’d be. Not only that, but the maintenance of that lifestyle you dreamed of, probably costs about double your current salary..

Having Your Own House


When you lived at home as a kid, your parents always said something like, “As long as you live under MY roof, it’s MY rules.” Well, now that you’re older and you have a home for your own (or rent), you realize that living on your own sucks. You have to pay the bills, rent/mortgage and also clean all the time. It actually sucks.

Having Your Own Car

Car driving freedom and happiness

Even as a teenager, you had to borrow your mom or dad’s car. It was a pain in the ass not having your own car and only using it as it was available to you (which was not that often i’m sure..). Well, no one told you how expensive your own car really is! Plus, now you need to pay for car insurance. $$$ down the drain. I guess it’s not as exciting as everyone made it out to be!

Being Able To Buy Stuff

Blue clutch in hands

When you were a kid, there were times you really wanted that awesome toy but your parents said no. Or a situation where you were told you can have only one. I’m sure at that moment you couldn’t wait until you could buy whatever you want and how ever many you want. Well, now that you’re older…do you have all the stuff now? Probably not..that stuff is expensive. Now you know why you didn’t have designer stuff back in the day..

Eating Whatever You Want


Fast food back in the day was the greatest thing in the world. As a kid, you wished you could have it all day everyday. Now as a grown up, you cringe even just thinking about eating the same thing over and over again. Now that you have complete control of your diet, you just want more and more of something better. Picking food everyday for some, is the hardest choice they make.


Young couple preparing lunch in kitchen

Mom and dad always made it look like cooking was so cool. How can they play with fire like that and create tasty dinners out of seemingly nothing!? As a kid it was cool, but now that you’re older, you found out that cooking actually sucks. You smell like what you made for hours and then you have to clean up the mess you made while cooking. Also, what you just made most likely isn’t all that appetizing.

Having A Job

More important work

For some people, they thought working would be so much cooler than going to school. Let me tell you straight up. STAY IN SCHOOL FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN.

Having Kids

Brother and sister playing with colorful blocks

You should have known this growing up. Kids are a pain in the ass. Since infancy, the mass media throws in your face how cool it is raising a kid with their baby dolls and TV shows. Even worse, the internet uploads these videos of parents playing with their kids. What kid wouldn’t want to have of their own? Well, truthfully, kids are expensive and icky.

Staying Up Late

man in bed with eyes opened suffering insomnia and sleep disorder

Did you hate bedtime? Parents knew..they knew..why you need sleep. Now as an adult, if you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll suffer all day at your mundane job and watch as the time passes by ever so slowly. Staying up late, isn’t good. It’s actually awful.

No School


Folks, as I stated earlier, if you’re still in university..stay in school for as long as you can. Seriously, working really sucks. You have longer hours (yes, including HW time) and if you neglect your responsibilities you get fired, lose money and most likely die. So yea, stay in school for as LONG as possible. It doesn’t get better.


Business man showing his empty pockets

Ahh yes. As a kid having oodles and oodles of money was your dream. Well, as an adult you’ll probably get “oodles” of money. The only issue is that you’ll need to spend those oodles in order to maintain your life. Money is great, but not when you have to spend it on necessities like rent and bills. You’ll most likely barely have anything left for “play” money.