Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials (2015)

Who enjoyed the Super Bowl this year? 2015 really brought its game with a great game as well as great commercials! We picked our favorite 10 commercials and listed them below! Check them out!

Dove Men+Care

This feel good commercial is a tribute to all dads. It made this list because it reminds us all how amazing our fathers are. #RealStrength


What an interesting way to sell car insurance. Use Mindy from that show or whatever. It was especially hilarious to see Matt Damon make a brief appearance.

Bud Light | Real Life PacMan

Amazingly clever concept for a beer commercial. Imagine being that guy. You had no idea this was happening and then all of a sudden you’re a real life PacMan! This is on the list because it’s just really awesome!

Loctite Glue

It’s so awkward seeing old/plump people dance like they did in the Loctite glue commercial. What makes it hilarious is that who knew loctite even made glue. They combined comedy and actual product use to make this great commercial.

Clash of Clans

Liam Neeson? AMAZING and hilarious!

Big Over sized Sunglasses

At first, I thought this was just another emotional commercial, but then realized this commercial most likely cost MILLIONS to produce and air. What were they selling? Mophie? Morpeus? Pretty cool regardless.

Wow. Goosebumps. For an emotional commercial, this really has to rank high up there.


Remember this horse from 2014? Well the horse came back in this feel good commercial. Budweiser did a great job and somehow kept the story still interesting. #BestBuds


LOL. HAHA. This was one of the more hilarious commercials. Snickers is great at making these things. What a great spoof!


We hate to give this spot to a feel good commercial, but DAMN. They really nailed this one with a great point. Great job.