Top 10 Strangest Things Ever Sold On eBay!

Space For Ads On Forehead- $322


A man advertised on eBay that he is going to rent his forehead for 30 days as an advertising space. He has said that the winner can send a temporary tattoo design which can be a company name or a domain name or even a logo and that will be advertised on his forehead.

Human Liver- $5.7 million


A man from Florida has auctioned his liver on eBay. The bid has reached $ 5.7 million . But it was taken from eBay because it is not legal to sell human liver through eBay.

Virginity Of A Women- $10000


A college girl has sold her virginity on eBay. She wanted to make money for her studies so she has auctioned it on eBay. she offered it for $ 10000. A businessman has paid her $10000 but he never claimed what he paid for.

Mustache- $25


For those people who feel hard to grow mustache, They got a  great chance. A mustache has been offered to you. But it is up to you whether you can transplant that or not.

A good Friend- $1500


For those who want a caring and loving friend, You can get a friend from eBay. You will win a best friend for $ 1500 who will be there with you for 3 months.

Virgin Mary Sandwich- $28000


When a piece of toast projected like an image of virgin Mary, The whole world took notice and it has been auctioned on eBay. Starting bid was $ 99 even that is too much for a toasted cheese. But finally it has been sold for $ 28000.

One Corn Flake Shaped As Illinois- $1350


Two sisters from Virginia has sold the corn flakes for $1350 which looks like Illinois. If we have considered the shape of the corn flakes we eat, We could have earned a lot !

Ghost In A Jar- $50,922


A man has put an auction for a  jar with ghost on eBay. He has told that, It was irritating him and he won’t be responsible if the ghost go out from the jar. The auction ended with $50,922 but unfortunately the bidder did not pay.

 A Man’s Life- $200,000


An Australian guy called “Ian Ushar” has sold his whole life on eBay. The auction included his car, job,house,jet ski and his friends. He has started a fresh life after $200,000 which he got from eBay.

 Bridgetown, California- $1,800,000


Bridgetown,California was sold twice in three years. And the auction price is $1,800,000. Have you ever dreamed of buying your own city? You can buy it on eBay!