Top 10 Strange Plastic Surgeries Done

Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Everyone should know that they are the perfect preference for someone somewhere. If anyone else tells you otherwise, then they are just an asshole. But for those souls that didn’t see this message, they do some crazy things. Here are the Top 10 Strange Plastic Surgeries Done.

Eye Color Implant

Closeup shot of a beautiful woman eye


This procedure is done to change the pigment color of a person’s eye. Bizarre! Some folks even mix in different colors to give their eyes a completely unique look.

Beard Transplant

Half shaved. Handsome young man with half shaved face looking at camera while standing against grey background


Some guys just can’t grow facial hair. Fear not, there is a procedure done by many that actually individually implants facial hair.

Hand Palm Lines Alteration


These people change the way their palm lines looks. In some cultures, the way the palm lines are displayed can foretell that person’s future. Who is to tell that he or she is not in control of his or her fate! Just gotta get a palm line surgery.

Pointy Ears

Militant elf

Ears that are pointy to make you look like your favorite elf! Only difference is that these ears are permanent.

Voice Lift

Woman's face in profile

This procedure is used to change your voice. Using implants and injections, you’re able to prevent cracking and weak voices. It’s not necessarily to make you all fantastic singers.

Fake Dimples


Dimples are cute. People want to be cute, so they get dimple creating surgery!

Outtie to Innie

Beautiful female body

Belly button surgery is also a strange and bizarre surgery that is actually more common than you’d think. This surgery is for creating the perfect “innie” belly button for those of you that have outties.

Double Eyelid Surgery

Woman eye

Widely popular in Asian countries like South Korea, the double eye lid surgery is performed to give the person the appearance of having double eyelids like their western friends.

Prosthetic Testicle



I don’t even know..Bigger balls I guess.

Split Tongue


We’re kind and not posting an image. Here are some images of split tongues. It’s pretty gross, but folks split their tongue and they can individually move each piece!