Top 10 Signs She’s Into You

Think you’re the one always initiating interest? Think again hombre. Research shows that 60% of romantic interest starts with the female but 73% of the time, males don’t reciprocate because they miss the signals. Learn and love my brothas.


Eye Contact


If she’s interested, she will sneak glances towards you wherever she is in the room. Therefore, make sure keep an eye her so you don’t miss them. Eye contact is key. It is one of the strongest way to connect with someone.

Smiles a lot


If a girl is interested, she wants to showcase her prettiest self to you. Most females consider themselves most attractive when they are smiling. So if you notice that she’s smiling a lot more when you’re around, take it as a sign my friend.


Arab casual couple flirting laughing happy in a park

Hahahaha. (slap on the arm) OMG you’re so funny! (slight push on shoulder).
Girls love to slip in a touch here and there for whatever reason. Sometimes she’ll do it without even knowing it. If she’s touchin, you’re golden, my friend.

Body Compass
Holiday Paradise

When she’s interested, she’ll never let herself out of your sight. It’s been known that girls like to have their front towards you at all times wherever she is in the room. She’ll make sure to keep facing you so that you can always get a good view of her goods. Hah.

Facebook stalking


Let’s be real. If a girl that’s interested in you is Faceboook stalking you, it’s actually not that bad. How do you know if she is though? If she likes or comments on a picture of you from way back then she’s been perusing through your pics to get a better look and idea of who you are. (Like)


Thinking smiling woman with questions marks above looking up on red sign

This one is pretty obvious but you might miss the significance of it if you’re not aware. If she’s interested, she’ll want to know more about you. Ask her a question, and if she comes back at you with questions of her own, she wants to get to know you better.


I Spy With My Little Eye

If she feels like there’s more to know about you, she might go and send in her troops. If her friends are all of sudden so curious about you, don’t be fazed. They gathering intel for her so be charming and sexy but be careful and don’t talk about last night’s threesome with the your boss and landlord. Power play.

Mutual friends

Just friends and guitar. Group of young cheerful people sitting at the riverbank together while young handsome man playing guitar and smiling
Ever have a girl suddenly become friends with your friends? Girls can be sneaky. If she’s into you, she’ll want to test out your waters. Get a better picture of who you are by associating with your compadres. Like somebody said, “your five closest friends are the definition of who you are”.

Photographic memory

Woman pointing
When girls are interested, unlike guys, they actually listen to what we say. Huh, imagine that. And if she’s really into you, she’ll never forget the things you said. Ever have a girl recall something obscure and random that you once said. Boom, goes the dynamite.

Mixed signals

beautiful young woman with an sly  look

Girls are sly. They usually don’t want their cover blown unless they are absolutely sure you’re worth it. So she might mix things up a bit here and there and ignore you when you’re in a group, reply late through texts, and avoid you sometimes. Don’t be fazed. She’s just trying to be courted. Women want to be wanted, wooed. So make an effort but don’t go overboard. You don’t want to seem too easy either.

So there it is, boys. Keep a lookout for these signs and don’t let up. Good luck and good love.