Top 10 Mistakes People Make On A First Date

Making a good first impression on a first date is huge in the relationship that may or may not form. Your behavior can dictate the future of your happiness.

What if you already met the love of your live and because you acted like a complete ass, you ruined your chances for that second date?

Well, we’re here to help you spot what some mistakes are with our list of Top 10 Mistakes People Make On A First Date!

Talking Too Much


Some people just go on and on about about either nothing or too much of something. Nobody wants to be around someone that only talks instead of listening. Make sure to moderate the conversation. If you catch yourself talking too much, cut it back because the person you’re on a date with may think you’re too much to handle.

Talking Too Little

Distracted couple in cafe

If you talk too little, then you’re giving the impression of not being interested. You’re also giving the secondary impression that you’re an extremely boring person. The only situation where talking little is a benefit is if the other person likes a mysterious significant other.

Too Many Questions


A few questions to break the ice is fine. Once you start asking so many questions that the other person feels like he or she is being interviewed, then we have problems. You don’t want to interrogate your date as it comes off as a real turn off.

Getting Drunk

Bad Date

Maybe after months or even a year of dating you can show your boyfriend/girlfriend that you’re a sloppy drunk. If you’re drunk on a first date, you shouldn’t want to date yourself.

Constantly Looking On Your Phone


Today’s generation is obsessed with their phones. On a first date, you want to give more time and attention to your date instead of your phone. In fact, if you’re on a first date, just keep it silenced and not on vibrate.

Answering Your Phone

Young woman on boring dating

OMG..don’t answer your phone mid date. If you receive a phone call, then you may look at it, but don’t answer it! If you look at who is calling and then choose not to answer it, you’re showing your date that you are really interested in him or her.

Don’t State Opinions As Facts


People don’t like to be told what is what. They like to be presented the facts and then make a judgment or opinion on their own. Don’t tell your date that “This place is the best” or that “Scrubs” was the best show ever. It makes you sound a bit pompous and the person you’re on a date with may think that this will be reoccurring throughout the relationship.

Getting Distracted

Rude Date

This is really obvious. Don’t check out someone walking by or constantly try to catch the game on TV. Be attentive!

Having Bad Table Manners


You probably don’t want to be a slob and uncultured fool all the time, but especially on a first date, refrain from making yourself look like an uncivilized buffoon. Learn basic table manners!



One of the biggest mistakes one can make is starting a debate on the first time. Debating is just a civilized version of a couple’s fight. Some may think it’s intellectually stimulating, but most just think you’re just someone who likes to pick a fight. Those who like to pick a fight for a fight’s sake are exhausting. Save the debating for the 3rd date or even when you’re an actual couple.