Top 10 Meals You’ll Immediately Regret

Everyone loves to eat food in some shape or form. Some of us love vegetables and only raw foods. Others simply enjoy a good steak. Additionally, some love to feast on foods that are actually not so healthy! Here is a list of the Top 10 Meals You’ll Immediately Regret!



If you live in an area with Dunkin Donuts? Did you know doughnuts were spelled “doughnuts” instead of “donuts”? Well, either way, these delicious pastries are high in fat and sugar which in turn will make you immediately regret taking that first bite.


Chicago Style Deep Dish Cheese Pizza

A few years ago, some states declared Pizza officially a vegetable. This is absurd being that a pizza is a concocted food item not grown. Either way, pizza here and there is okay, but you know that once you take that one bite, you’ll know you be doing wrong. Pizza is heavy and is a  no no for diets. Especially that famous Chicago Deep Dish!

Ice Cream

Coffee ice cream

Ice cream is a fan favorite and is consumed by millions every hour. Most of you know that it’s high in sugars which is not so great for your body. Even still, you guys always eat ice cream just at the wrong times. That first bite, you’ll immediately regret because a lot of times those who eat ice cream are doing so as a reactionary meal.



Those delicious fried thin slices of taters. Invented in 1853, the potato chip is an icon among snack lovers. But the among of salt and seasoning in today’s version of chips is quite unhealthy. They make these things addicting so that once you have that first chip, you know you won’t stop.


Various cookies and coffee

Cookies are sweet and savory. Don’t let these delicious sweet treats fool you! They’re huge on not only sugar, but a lot of salt! Cookies are also small enough for you to finish it completely. That first nibble will lead to game over.


Homemade Cheeseburger Sliders with Lettuce

Burgers are another favorite for foodies. A good burger does have lettuce and tomatoes and possibly other veggies, but they are also on salty/sugary buns with salty/sugary beef patties. The grease and oils are also not so good for your body, but you know that you’ll regret eating it after you’re completely stuffed on the bad stuff.



You can have your cake and eat it too. If you want to be lard. But cake is kind of irresistible after that first bite of sugary goodness. You’ll only regret eating this treat if you finish the whole piece. Actually scratch that, any bite of cake will make you regret it!

French Fries


Just look at the image above. Those delicious bastards..One fry means a lot of fries. Fries are an item of regret because again, you can’t just have only one.



Pie is sweet and hearty. It’s heavy and sweet. It is a full pie and it gets sliced into pieces that are sweet. Did I mention that they were sweet? That sweet flavor comes from sugar. That sugar makes you insta-regret you taking that first bite of pie.



I mean, you probably know you shouldn’t be drinking soda. It’s sugar water. It’s one of the leading factors to obesity. What stinks is that you almost always get soda as a beverage for meals. You get thirsty after you eat so in some situations, you don’t have much of a choice but to drink it. Once that delicious liquid enters your mouth, you must be thinking, “damn, I’m drinking soda again.” Well…you fool…stop it!