Top 10 Magical (The Best) Place To Work

The best companies around the world are the companies where the employees are excited to come everyday. This list has 10 most awesomest companies around the world based on the employee surveys combined with company’s policies and practices.

DPR Construction


Industry : Construction & Real Estate

HQ Location : Redwood City, CA

In 1999, Metcalfe, a DPR craftsperson, reached a milestone of working 10,000 hours without an accident. When he reached 30,000 consecutive safe work hours, the co-founders and senior leaders of the Redwood City, California, high-tech construction firm rewarded him with a new Ford F-150 truck. They also named a safety award after him, one that includes $2,000 for a trip, a 40-hour week off with pay, a safety jacket with hours printed on it, and a plaque. In 2013, nine DPR craftspeople received this award in recognition for 10,000 accident-free hours, and four people were recognized for 20,000 accident-free hours. Read more

Robert W. Baird & Co.


Industry : Financial Services & Insurance

HQ Location : Milwaukee, WI

There’s a scene in the Mel Brooks movie “Spaceballs” — a “Star Wars” parody — when Rick Moranis’ character, Dark Helmet, asks, “How many assholes we got on this ship anyhow?” Almost everyone raises their hand. He then mutters, “I knew it. I’m surrounded by assholes.”

He should have gotten a job at Robert W. Baird & Co. instead.

The financial services firm has what it calls its “no assholes policy” in place, which is a hiring strategy the company uses to keep jerks away. Read more



Industry : Information Technology

HQ Location : Mountain View, CA

When Intuit employees mention WCGB, they’re not talking about a radio station.

The acronym stands for “We Care and Give Back,” a value that employees say Intuit takes to heart in dealing with customers, the community – and them. Read more


Industry : Information Technology

HQ Location : San Francisco, CA practically invented cloud-computing, at least for small and mid-sized companies. After more than a decade in business and continued burgeoning growth, employees remain proud of what has accomplished, what they do and sell, and of the company’s disruptive, team-oriented culture. Read more



Industry : Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

HQ Location : South San Francisco, CA

When the Food and Drug Administration approved Genentech’s newest breast-cancer drug, Kadcyla, in February 2013, the biotech company and its 12,000 employees celebrated with a ceremonial bell ringing across the entire company. Read more

Quicken Loans


Industry : Financial Services & Insurance

HQ Location : Detroit, MI

Quicken Loans employees say they are making a difference in two important ways. First, through their mortgage business, they help people purchase or refinance homes every day. But just as inspiringly to them, the organization is also doing its part to restore Detroit, which has fallen on hard times, to its former glory with its 2010 move from the suburbs into the city.  The company-wide commitment to helping rebuild the city is one of the things that make Quicken Loans employees such a proud group: 98 percent of workers say are proud to tell people where they work, and 98 percent feel good about the ways they give back to the community. Read more

Edward Jones


Industry : Financial Services & Insurance

HQ Location : St. Louis, MO

To understand why people love working at Edward Jones, you have to understand how the financial-services company is structured.

The privately held securities firm operates more than 11,000 branch offices, most of them staffed by one or two financial advisors and a branch office administrator who help individual clients with their financial investments. Branches are unique, and the firm’s contingent of 12,000 financial advisors – many of whom are limited partners with a financial stake in the business – have autonomy in how they operate. Read more

The Boston Consulting Group


Industry : Professional Services – Consulting Management

HQ Location : Boston, MA

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious consulting firms, and employees relish the opportunity to work on “world-changing” projects for leaders in major companies and governments around the world. For those who can keep up, BCG is ultra-generous with benefits, paying the full tuition costs (including living expenses) for people to attend grad school, and lending new consultant hires up to $100,000 as a down payment on a home. Ninety-eight percent say they have special and unique benefits here. Read more



Industry : Information Technology

HQ Location : Cary, NC

As one longtime employee puts it, “SAS walks the talk on work-life balance.” The employee would know since they had a front row seat to that commitment demonstrated by Jim Goodnight, the founder of SAS.

The employee had been called into a meeting with visiting executives — including Goodnight — regarding the company’s branding. Read more



Industry : Media

HQ Location : Mountain View, CA

Google is not the only Silicon Valley business that tries to do well by doing good, but it was one of the first Internet companies to follow that path.

Google Employee PhotoFifteen years after the company’s founding, almost all (97 percent) of employees feel good about how Google gives back to the community, and the same number say management is honest and ethical.

The company is heavily involved in projects that advance communications technology around the world, another point of pride for employees. “We think about what’s right for the broader world,” one employee says. Through Google Reach, for instance, the company sends a small group of Googlers to an evolving area to help local organizations and small businesses address development challenges. In 2013, 47 Googlers traveled to Ghana and Delhi, India. Read more