Top 10 Lies That Are Worth It

Lying is never really good; however, sometimes in life there are reasons to tell white lies. Whether it’s to prevent your friend from getting hurt or you child having the best childhood, the below Top 10 List is the Top 10 Lies Worth Lying

That Looks Great On You!


Ever have that time when someone wears something absolutely atrocious? Your face may say that you hate it, but sometimes the words that come out are a big old fib. It’s cool though, no one needs to hear unnecessary negative comments. Unless the person is wearing a halter top for a job interview, it’s OK to give a little white lie.

I Can’t My Phone Has No Battery

Dead Battery

People are greedy. This includes using their electronic devices sparingly. That time when you ask your friend to call a certain friend while you’re texting everyone like mad, that friend is most likely lying saying that he or she has a dead battery. People are just selfish and want to use their phones to its last breathe doing what they want to do! Liars! Unless you don’t have a good reason to be conserving your battery, this one is okay in my books.


Businessman #154

You’re mos likely not that funny. You know your friends have two types of laughs. Their real obnoxious genuine laughs and their laughs when they just don’t want to be rude. You’re most likely guilty of it as well. Laughing is not a conventional lie, but it certainly counts as a white lie! It’s rude to not give any sort of reaction, so I guess this one gets a pass as well.

It Wasn’t Me!

Girl I don't know?

A lot of people have issues with owning up to things. Often times in order to avoid conflict and uncomfortable situations, they’ll conjure up some white lie. “It wasn’t me” is just the easiest way to get out of something. Although it’s super annoying to hear, it’s okay to tell.

Is There Something I Did Wrong Officer?


What’s the first thing someone says to an officer when they get pulled over? “Is there something I did officer?” Yes, sometime the driver may genuinely not know, but 9 out of 10 times, the person just wants to get out of a ticket. Good Luck Liars. It’s a strong tactic and can lead to sympathy from the police officer. Totes okay.

The Tooth Fairy!

Tooth Fairy

I’m not sure how this first started, but parents always tell their parents that the tooth fairy will bring money if the kid leaves a tooth under his or her pillow. It seems strange that a little fairy wants to collect teeth and actually pays for it. Strange, but I guess it’s an acceptable white lie to tell.

I Can’t Come, I’m Sick.

Man having a flu

This one is the most common lie to tell your boss when you don’t want to go to work. It’s also commonly used for family get togethers and even hangouts with friends. You obviously have a reason why you tell this lie and I guess because it’s so common, it’s okay. You better have a good reason though!

Santa Is Real!


How can you tell a 5 year old that a fat old man wearing a big red suit goes and visits every child in the world through the chimney giving them presents of their choice? It’s one the first lies every child hears from their parents. It’s okay to believe in Santa and it’s okay to give your kids a childhood!

I Love You

Happe young couple. Love

Often times young couples say three words way to fast. “I Love You” When one person in the duo is ready, but the other is not, the other person usually feels obligated to say it back. It’s okay to say it back and not mean it, just don’t let it go if it never becomes true.

I’m Fine

Stressed young woman in front of christmas tree

When someone is visibly upset, it’s natural to ask, “Hey, What’s Wrong?” It’s also natural for that person to tell the #1 white lie, “Nothing, I’m Fine.” WELL, that person is 99% not fine and there is something upsetting him or her. It’s a good idea to let them open up to you. Don’t keep digging for answers as this can lead to further aggravation. It’s okay to tell this lie. Wait until you’re ready to share.