Top 10 Jobs That Underpay

We all work really hard and we try to make an honest living. Some of us get paid to do a job that requires intensive education and skill. It’s fortunate that in most countries, these types of jobs get paid appropriately to what they job entails. Not so fortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are severely underpaid for what they do. In this list, we’re exploring what the Top 10 Jobs That Underpay.

Assisted Living Coordinator

Retired Senior Woman Having Health Check With Nurse At Home

With a median salary of just $36,900, assisted living coordinators are in the lower tier of pay in the United States. It’s amazing how little they make when taking care of senior citizens is incredibly difficult. Too little for what they do and they certainly are under appreciated by the majority of the population.

Daycare Director

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These people make only $32,100 a year. Day care programs are a necessity for today’s day and age as more and more parents are working their asses off. When they’re at work, they leave the care of their children to the day care people. It’s shocking to see how little these people make when most parents know how hard it is to take care of children. Madness!

Police, Fire or Ambulance Dispatcher


Customer service jobs are extremely stressful. It’s annoying having to hear complaint after complaint and pretend to be helpful/happy. Well, what if instead of customer complaints you need to answer calmly emergency stress calls? Having to deal with this kind of stress, dispatchers only make about $39,300 a year.

Office Nurse

Female doctor on the phone while using a monitor

There are many types of nurses. The nurses who work in hospitals or medical clinics deservedly make what they should be making (maybe even less than they should); however, there are nurses who work for private medical practitioners who make nothing. They deal with the patients, schedule them in, and even manage inventory of medical supplies. How is it that the doctor is making millions, but each office nurse is only making around $42,700?!

Medical Insurance Coordinator

Portrait Of Male Nurse Working At Nurses Station

There are so many jobs that are behind the scenes. In hospitals, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists get most of the glamour. Little do most people know, there are people doing all the paperwork and making sure everyone is paid. These behind the scenes magicians get all the blame when something goes wrong, but are invisible when things are going smoothly. Sadly, they only get paid roughly $34,600 a year.

Pharmacy Technician

woman in a laboratory microscope with microscope slide in hand

Another job that has to do with the medical field. Pharmacy technicians are the people that help you fill your prescriptions under the direction of a pharmacist. In hospitals, they’re the ones running around delivery the medication stat! It’s a job that is physically and mentally tough; however, these people only make $34,900/year.

Veterinary Technician

Portrait of dog with two veterinarians

Another technician job that gets paid only $32,800. Working for a veterinary is tough because well, animals are just unpredictable. Animal care requires a lot of work, but due to the lean market in animal health care, the pay for these technicians are simply just not good enough. These folks are severely underpaid.

Social Worker


This career is widely famous for warming hearts. Social workers help those who cannot help themselves. It’s great for the heart, but not so much the wallet as social workers only make about $42,300 annually.

Emergency Medial Technician

Paramedic with Oxygen Unit

Some EMTs just love helping people who are in emergency medical situations. They love to help. EMTs are obviously not in it for the money as they only make $39,600 a year.

Artistic Director

Modern young fashion designer working at studio.

Artistic directors really get no credit for what they do. It takes years of dedication to make it to be an artistic director at a theater, concert hall of performing arts center. They get paid $48,200 for a full time job that really just consumes your whole life. Being an artistic director consumes your life and it just becomes about work. That’s why this job is underpaid, due to the hours a day one must work for such little pay.