10 iOS 7 Hidden Features Probably You Don’t Know

It is being one year after iOS 7 released. But still people don’t know some of the important features on it. So here is a list of 10 features of iOS 7 probably you may not know.

 See your frequently visited places in map


Now iPhone has the option to see your frequently visited places which helps the people to get into a place straight away rather than searching it again.

 You can change your air drop visibility.


Air Drop makes super easy to share everything with the iOS friends. But you don’t want to always show your friends that you are ready and willing so you can change the setting to everyone, contacts only or off. It makes you very easy to share file only from the selected once.

 You can wipe your data after too many attempts.


If you want to protect your phone then you have to set passwords but people can crack it somehow.  If someone tries to enter the password wrong for 10 times then it will automatically erase all your data which prevent you from showing your data to others.

 Siri can now enable / disable system toggles.


Now Siri can do more than just call contacts, tell you the weather or set reminder. It can now enable / disable toggles such as Bluetooth, WiFi and airplane mood.

 Use swipe gestures to go from one screen to another.


In iOS 7 now you can just swipe the screen to go back rather than pressing the back button in the screen. Just swiping from the left corner to right corner makes you to go back easily.

 Create new events on date or time in iMessage


It makes you easy to create a new event using iMessage. If you have date or time in the message it will automatically underline it and will ask you whether to create the event. It is an easy feature which makes you to create appointments through the messages.

 Messages provide time stamps.


Now you can easily swipe the messages and see the time of the sent and received messages. It makes everyone feel very comfortable to get the correct time of the message.

 Compass app includes a spirit level.


This Compass App has a secret second page called spirit level. Just you want to line it up to the wall and wait till it comes to zero degrees. Then you will realize that you are hanging things straightly.

 Block callers and unwanted messages.


The feature allows you to stop getting  messages from the specific contacts. It will help you to stop calls and messages from the annoying people. And you can add them when your mind change. Hopefully it is a good feature that iOS 7 has.

 You can make audio only face time calls.


You don’t want to make calls only with your face. If you are just creepy or don’t want to see anyone just make the audio calls which allows you to make free calls to another iOS device.