Top 10 First Date Ideas

There’s nothing wrong in taking your date out for dinner or the typical movie date. It can be the safest option but doing something totally unexpected can make the experience that much more interesting and a chance for a second date! Going out with somebody special or staying indoors , this list is comprised of the top most first date ideas.

Breakfast Date

Morning is the most beautiful time of the day and means that the expectations for the “seriousness” of the date can be as minimal as possible on both sides. Having a breakfast date is a casual way to meet ensuring your conversation isn’t shrouded by alcohol. Also, you both have a great excuse to leave if the chemistry isn’t there. The great thing about having breakfast is that there’s very low pressure and there’s no expectation of anything happening after. 😉 It can be very inexpensive and choosing an outfit is relatively easy as choosing an outfit for a first date can be nerve-wracking.

Visit the local Art Gallery

If your date is a type of girl who loves art. To make your fist date be more interesting, research on the exhibit to keep the conversation going and to seem a bit knowledgeable. But try not to bore her about too much!


Back to back couple with bowling balls
Bowling is an old-school date idea and also a great way to check out how competitive s/he is. Have a beer or a slice of pizza while engaging in a friendly competition. Gives you a chance to have a laugh together and relax. If she’s comfortable, she’ll have more fun, and if she’s having fun, you’ll get a second date!

Carnival / Amusement Parks

carnival fair themed engagement couple shoot
Carnivals and Amusement Parks can get a bit pricey. But in terms of people watching and lots of fun, they can’t be beat. Strap up your sense of adventure and get ready for some roller coaster rides. Engaging in something scary gives you a chance to show that you are a fun and adventurous person to be with. And who knows he can always win you a cuddly toy as a souvenir of your date too.


When the weather’s warm, try taking a bike ride outside your city. Unlike going for a long walk, a bike ride means you don’t have the pressure of having to find constant conversation. Want to make it personal? Pack a picnic and stop somewhere for a nice leisurely chat. It’s very inexpensive, simple and a great way to get to know them.

Walk a dog

I’m sure many of them out there love dogs. If the both of you own one, go for a walk with them while chatting about your childhood pet or even owning a new one together! It’s adorable and a great way to bond over stories! Don’t own a dog? Head over to an animal shelter or the Humane Society to walk some dogs. 🙂

Play Video Games

Woman beating her fiance while playing video games
Your date’s got a competitive edge? Or just love video games? Head over to an arcade, fair, or boardwalk to indulge in some gaming Olympics. Alternatively, you could stay at home and play that PS2, Nintendo, Xbox, with your so some virtual competition! Just be careful not to beat your date too badly at the video game you decide to play.

Movie Date

It’s probably one of the famous first date ideas but it’s also a bit cliché. You could go to a special screening of an old movie or even stay at home and have your own movie marathon. All you have to do is drop into at DVD center and buy a whole load of DVD’s from different genres for him/her to choose from.

Wine Tasting

If you and your date enjoy wine, go to the closest winery or a wine tasting event which can turn out to be the perfect date idea. Unlike other ideas it gives the opportunity to be intimate with your date and gives a legitimate reason to have a few drinks to help your first date nerves. However, it may be a little heavy on the wallet since it can be a full day event, and will result in you buying several take-home bottles.

Dinner Date

Most people pick dinner as the perfect first date as the Night is considered the most romantic time of the day. Going out for dinner can give you the dilemma of picking the right restaurant or the dilemma of picking what to wear if the partner is deciding on the restaurant and is a surprise. It also gives you that opportunity to have a slow casual conversation to bond over and get to know each other better. Have a knack for cooking? Invite your date over and cook a nice meal together to avoid a crowded restaurant or bumping into people you know.