Top 10 Famous Logos And Their Hidden Meanings

Logo is a symbol which has been designed for easy recognition of a product.  The main aim of the logo is to represent the product. But there were many logos which has some hidden meanings and motivation inside them.  Here is the 10 of the most famous logos which has a hidden message.



The German automobile manufacturer , Volkswagn has the logo which contains two letters “v” and “w” which seem to interact with each other beautifully.  “V” representing the Volks, which means people and “W” representing the “wagen” car. The same weight two lines in the logo holds the perfect amount of air in the negative spaces.



The world-famous Japanese manufacturer’s logo, shows three overlapping Ellipses logo on American vehicles. The Toyota Ellipses shows the unity of the heart of the customers with the heart of  Toyota products. The background space represents Toyota’s technological advancement and the future technologies.



The Mercedes-Benz logo has three stars in between, has three white spaces .The white space around the stars shows the sky, land and water  which means it has the power to dominate everywhere.



The famous car manufacture, BMW’s circle logo shows a propeller of an aircraft.  The four quadrants of white and blue color represent of an airplane spinning against the clear blue sky. The colors of the logos shows the colors in the Bavaria’s flag too.



The four circles in the Audi’s logo has created a mystery among the people. The four circles of the logo represents Horch , DKW , Wanderer and Audi companies which were against the market conditions of auto union. Finally they selected the name Audi but kept the four circles with them.



The FedEx logo shows us a powerful meaning. But most the people does not know it because the whole meaning of the logo is located in between the letter “E” and “x” . There is a small arrow in between those which shows that the company is moving forward always. A simple array shows the meaning of ” moving forward”.



The simple meaning in the Mobil shows us that the red color shows the strength of the company while the blue color shows us the faithfulness and security of the company.



The logo of the IBM is quite different which was designed with blue and white lines . The white lines go through the blue which shows equal sign. The whole meaning of the logo is “Equality” which was defined with a simple line.



The Apple’s logo simply shows a bitten Apple which shows the computer bite where Apple has been inventing computers and computing devices.



The logo of the amazon shows an arrow which goes from a to z. The reason behind this is the company retails everything from a to z. And the arrow represents a smiling face too .