Top 10 Creatively Simple, Yet Addicting Mobile Games (Android)

Mobile apps have taken over the world. Gone are the days where children play in the park and couples have real conversations. We’re all glued to our phones. Why not be playing the most fun games? We conjured up a list of 10 creative and simple, yet amazingly addictive mobile games. Check them out!

10. ZigZag


The ball must stay on the platform. Tap to change directions. We love this game because it’s so simple and challenging that it keeps us VERY entertained.

9. Flow Free

Truly this game has become a classic. It’s so simple. All you do is connect the dots. But is it that easy? No…the farther you get along, you’ll find out how hard this game exactly is.

8. Spring Ninja

It’s a ninja on springs. It’s a clever way to bring physics into a game. Play as an adorably chubby ninja and hop along the level. Can you make it across?

7. Don’t Tap The White Tile

Seriously, it’s so simple. The tiles move along.. All you need to do is tap the black ones. As the title suggests, just don’t tap the white tiles. It’s simple, but it’s amazingly fun to play.

6. Bounce

Simply touch the right or left of your screen to move the character. Battle your friends in this never ending game of grabbing stuff and taking people down. It’s a cool concept because it’s so simple, yet complex.

5. Slido

All you do is catch the falling blocks. It’s just that you’re sliding the bottom so that the colors match up. Pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

4. Super Hexagon

Honestly, this game is just so confusing, but while playing you somehow know what’s up. It’s a brilliant design.

3. One Touch Drawing

You draw without lifting a finger. It’s a pretty neat concept and very fun for anyone.

2. 2048

How can we not include 2048? This game swept the world with its simplicity. It’s so fun and addicting. You just want to get to that magical number, 2048.

1. Dot2Dot

An incredibly simple game. The dots come from the top and bottom and you just catch it by tapping and matching colors. It’s a lot harder than it looks, but it’s certainly super addicting.


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