Top 10 Corniest Jokes

Who doesn’t love to laugh. Sometimes though, jokes we hear are so corny it’s not funny. On the flip side, it’s so corny that it’s funny. Regardless, we come across thousands of terrible jokes and so we’ve compiled our favorite list of  outlandishly dumb list of Top 10 Corniest Jokes.

Why Was The Chicken So Happy?

isolated chicken with egg

Because everything was Egg-Cellent!

Why Was The Cookie Crying?

Oatmeal Raisin

Because it felt crummy!

What’s The Difference Between A Guitar And A Fish?


You cant tuna fish!

Why Are Pirates Called Pirates?

Pirate Holding Placard In Mouth

Because they just arrrrrr!

How Do You Get A Tissue To Dance?

Girl with flue

Put a little boogie in it!

What Do You Call A Video Of A Foot?

Closeup of family feet in bed


What Did The Ocean Say To The Other Ocean?

Ocean wave

Nothing. They Just Waved!

Why Was The Tomato Blushing Red?


Because it saw the Salad Dressing!

What Did The Mother Buffalo Say To Her Son?


Bye-Son!~ (Bison! Get it!??!)

What Is Brown And Sticky?

tree twig

A Stick!!