Top 10 YouTube Videos That Make You Feel Old

Who doesn’t love a good YouTube Video. In this list, we’re not just showing you our classic favorites, but we’re also reminding you how old you are. A lot of these came out 10 years ago! That’s the time you spend in High School and in College. You can even fit a 2 year grad program in there..

Double Rainbow Guy (2010)

This video seems so recent, but damn..already 5 years have past since this guy dazed us with his amazement over double rainbows.


Remember when Brittney shaved off her head? Remember this guy defending while the rest of us were haters? Yea..that was like 8 years ago.

Evolution Of Dance (2006)

This video is truly a YouTube gem. It’s a timeless video that gives us a taste of history. Speaking of history, the video itself was made 9 years ago, making it ancient history! (According to the laws of the internets)

Ukulele Kid! (2009)

This video makes us love little asian kids. No..not in that way, but more like the..what are they saying so cute kind of way. Well, 6 years ago this little kid won our hearts with his voice and his little ukulele!

Bloooood! (2006)

Another YouTube Classic, this dad keeps on cracking up as his son is worried over BuhLUhd! That was 9 years ago when this little guy kept on saying BULUOOD. NAHT FUNNNYYYY. 9 years ago..isn’t funny. Makes us feel old..

Little Kid Maze Prank (2008)

Parents are so mean LOL. This class prank scarred this one kid 7 years ago. It’ll never not be funny!

StarWars Kid (2006)

Never has an individual been more into what he or she is doing like the Star Wars Kid. 9 Years ago, the Star Wars Kid won our hearts and made us laugh so hard. Gosh..this kid is probably grown up and now has a 9-5 job..we’re so old.

Chinese Backstreet Boys Lip Sync (2005)

China is a country today that has truly taken advantage of the internet. Before that 10 years ago, these two goofballs made us laugh. That’s right…10 years ago.

Numa Numa (2007)

Mayaaaa he came out in 2007, which is 8 years ago in 2015. I guess 8 years ago, video quality wasn’t the greatest..but damn that eyebrow raise. What memories..I feel old..

Charlie Bit Me~ (2007)

Seriously this video came out in 2007. That is 8 years ago. These kids are now in middle school. Soon they’re going to go through puberty….do you feel old?