Top 10 Awkward Moments

Awkward moments happen to all of us all the time. Most of us handle these situations quite terribly. It’s best just to try to avoid these awful Top 10 Awkward Moments.

Waving At Someone Across The Room And They Don’t See You

Young gay man is waving

You see someone you know but they’re a bit far. You give a gentle wave of glee, but they don’t see you. Those sitting between you and that asshole who ignored you simply judge you for appearing to desperate for attention. awkward. What do you do with your hands afterwards? Who knows..

Talking To Someone When They Are Actually On The Phone


Have you ever been in the situation where you hear someone talking and you say, “excuse me?” but then find out that the person is on the phone and not talking to you, ya fool. This awkward situation is hilarious for the person on the phone, but can be quite embarrassing. Unless someone makes eye contact with you, avoid this awkward situation! Damn you bluetooth.

Holding The Door Open For Too long


There is a fine line between being courteous and mad awkward when opening the door. Who knows where this mysterious line is, but you most likely have been in situation. If not, you’re probably an ass who never opens doors for people!

The Pound Or High Five

Punch on palm.

When something exciting or something worth celebrating happens the natural reaction is to ask for a high five or pound from those immediately around you! Only thing is, it’s hard to gauge which one you are going for. How many have you found yourself giving a pound when the person next to you is asking for a high five. lol.

High Five Or Pound Left Hanging

Today’s generation is obsessed with their phones. On a first date, you want to give more time and attention to your date instead of your phone. In fact, if you’re on a first date, just keep it silenced and not on vibrate.

When You Trip Over Nothing


Someone somewhere is falling at this moment. They’ve just tripped seemingly over nothing. This probably has happened to you in the past and most likely made you feel super awkward.

Failing At Parking

When you try to parallel park or get into a tight parking space but constantly fail it becomes a really awkward moment for people walking by. They see you try over and over again. It’s hilarious to them how you can’t park, but just awkward for you..

Wearing Similar Clothes With Someone


This one is annoying because when you pick out the perfect outfit and then go to school or work, the person right over there is wearing the same thing! Then everyone you see says, “Hey thereeeee. Did you guys intentionally mattchhh???” No. We did not.

When You And The Person Driving Next To You Share A Glance

Feeling comfortable in his new car. Cheerful mature man in formalwear driving car and smiling

This is only a temporary awkward moment, but very awkward none the less. When you’re driving whether stopped or on the highway, there are times when you look over the next driver and the next driver looks over at you. Why does this happen. It really needs to stop happening because it’s super awkward..

Saying Bye And Then Walking In The Same Direction

This is probably the longest lasting awkward moment on this list. There are times when you say bye and you guys go your separate ways. What if that way is the same for you as it is for the person you’re saying bye to. Then you need to say bye again. While walking to your cars or where ever you need to go, do you start conversing? How do you converse without it dragging on till awkward sigh..