10 Things That You Didn’t Know Google Can Do For You!

The most popular search engine on the Internet has changed the way we view reality and come to the data. Although, most of the information literally put on the “mouse-click away from us,” but there are many other things that Google can do for you. It is hard to believe that before 1998, Google was not part of our world. The most popular search engine in the world today is an indispensable part of every, even the most banal of research, but most can not imagine any job without it.

However, unless you’re an expert, you probably did not know that Google you can do other useful things besides on time data.

10. Helps You Choose What To Eat


It’s hard to pick what to eat if you’re a calorie counter, but Google is here to help! Just type foods among which you are in doubt and put between “Vs” and Google will calculate the nutritional value for you.

9. Fonts

Using the “Google Fonts” you will find a huge database of free fonts that you can use for your website or blog.

8. Google’s Stopawatch


Are you ever in need for a stop watch? Google will do it for you!

7. Tip Calculator


If you can’t do 15% of a bill in your head, fear not. Google will do the math for you. Additionally, put down the total amount per head and they’ll also calculate tip per person!

6. NGram Trending Words


On Google, you can follow when certain words and phrases become popular with Ngram. The application searches books until the year 1600.

5. Flight Tracker


Looking for some flight times or potential delays? Google search is the easiest way to track the status for your flight. All you need to do is enter the flight number.

4. Highlight To Search


There is an application “Highlight to Search”, which makes it even easier to find additional information about something that you have already read in a body of text.

3. Conversion Tool


The conversion of metric units is easiest with the help of Google. Just type in the search value that you have and you get want you want. You can convert just about anything using the tool!

2. Google Sky


With the help of Google Sky, you can virtually check out the stars. It’s for the inner star gazer in you. You can literally view the universe through Google’s virtual telescope.

1. Stock Finder


Just type the abbreviated stock ticker and Google will show you a live feed (if market is open) of the stock exchange for that company!