Strangest Foods Around The World You Must Try

We have given you a list of 10 strangest foods offered in restaurants. But sorry we are not responsible if u fell fainting or vomiting after reading this !

Fried Brain Sandwich


It is a sandwich with sliced calves’ brains on sliced bread. It was first offered in St.Louis Missouri in 1880 s. But even now only a handful of restaurants offer it.

 Birds Nest Soup


Authentic birds’ nest soup is made using the nests of a swiftlet, A tiny bird. This bird builds its nest using its own gummy saliva. People from certain families harvest this and sell it to restaurants. It is popular in Asia and people it is quite expensive too.

 Rocky Mountain Oysters

Rocky Mountain Oysters (5)

It is the calf testicles. The testicles of the bulls being removed and deep fried and peeled off. Then they coat in flour, pepper and salt. Yummy !



If you want to eat sheep’s liver, lungs or heart go to Scotland. There you can get a dish called haggis and it is prepared with sheep’s heart, lungs and liver minced with onions, oatmeal, suet, species and salt mixed with stock. This is simply like a sausage but the next step is they encapsulate this ingredients by a sheep’s stomach and boil it.

 Ying Yang Fish


It is a Taiwanese cuisine. This consists of a deep fried whole fish that remains alive after cooking. You can see this dish in the menu in some restaurants in China but in Thailand it is prohibited. This is being done to show the freshness of this fish to the customer.



It is the Japanese word for pufferfish. It is very poisoned fish and if it is not cooked well it can kill you. Therefore only some chefs have the license to prepare it.



Balut is a duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell. You can get this dish in streets in Philippines, South Asia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

 Monkey Eaten Alive

This is special dish where you eat monkey alive. The monkey will be served by a person with a hammer. After that you have to hit the monkey with the hammer and kill it and eat.


It is a raw dish in Korean culture. It consists of live octopus into small pieces and served immediately. And usually lightly seasoned with sesame and sesame oil. It may move here and there when you move your chop stick near to the place.

Casu Marzu


It is a traditional Sardinian sheep milk cheese. But it contains insect larvae. The tiny worm can jump up to half a foot if you disturb them.

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