Homeless Musical Prodigy Given Second Chance After Video Goes Viral

Meet Donald, AKA Boone, an ex-Marine living in Florida who is now homeless. Through his life he sure has made plenty of mistakes, but life has given him a second chance after a video of him playing piano in the streets goes viral.

A GoFundMe was started on his behalf and his life now has turned 180 degrees!

Donald is not just a piano player, but also plays a wide variety of instruments ranging from clarinet, piccolo down to the tuba. In fact, Spring Arbor University is offering him a full-ride scholarship to help him finish his degree in music theory.

In addition, “Inside Edition” gave him an amazing makeover providing a fresh cut, new look, and new clothes.

He was even offered a paid gig to play piano at a restaurant in Sarasota.

What makes this story even more amazing is that he is also now waiting for his son to contact him after the two haven’t seen each other in over 15 years.