Lab Accidentally Discovers Fix For Color Blindness

In a lab in Berkeley, researchers may have found a successful fix to a problem that plagues millions of Americans. For some, color blindness is something that is real and effects daily living.  For Marc Drucker, he is moderately to severely color blind, which makes driving quite a daunting task.

For those who are color blind, simple tasks like driving become difficult. Red and yellow lights are difficult to differentiate.

For Eric Drucker, his type of color blindness mixes red and green cones in his eyes that leave him to see muted and dull colors. That was until he discovered Enchroma CX sunglasses.

The glasses work by selectively removing certain wavelengths between the red and green cones that allow them to be pushed apart again. Funny enough, this discovery was made almost by accidetn says Don McPherson, the manufacturer’s VP of Products.

EnChroma is now rolling out regular glasses for color blind corrective lenses for everyday usage.

Check out the video below for more information!