If You Can Group These Words Correctly You Have Close To Perfect English

Context is everything. Words can have the same pronunciation and even the same spelling yet mean the exact same thing. We’ve grouped the words in this English quiz to have similar or relatable meanings, or at least have something in common that allows you to determine where they belong. Some of them will not be perfect matches, but will be close to the ‘next best thing’, so pay attention!

This can be tricky, so you have to use contextual clues based on the question to figure out exactly what these words have in common, and pick the correct answer accordingly. Good luck!

This quiz will test your knowledge on these everyday words. Are you ready?

What can all the following adjectives be used to describe: 'handsome', 'palatial', 'rambling', 'sprawling'?
If you had to describe someone who works hard, which synonyms could you choose from?
relaxed, chilled, casual
productive, conscientious, dilligent
idle, indolent, shiftless
What kinds of things are these: 'combats', 'thermals', 'hosiery'?
types of clothes and shoes
clothes and accessories worn in the past
military uniform
What do the following words describe: 'croaky', 'flat', 'hoarse', 'nasal'? Someone's ...
What topic do these words belong to: 'stepfather', 'son-in-law', 'stepparent'?
brothers and sisters
family members by marriage
Which of the following words mean to make something better?
enhance, optimize, refine
compound, escalate, aggravate
maintain, preserve, stabilize
What do these words refer to: 'deck', 'hull', 'stern'?
parts of aircraft
sailing and boating equipment
parts of boats and ships
Which set of words would you use to describe someone who is very surprised?
befuddled, bewildered, bemused
petrified, overawed, nervy
dumbstruck, flabbergasted, incredulous
Which words would you use to describe something that is extremely good or of high quality?
exceptional, fine, incredible
satisfactory, adequate, acceptable
notable, offbeat, intriguing
In which area of activity would you find the following terms: 'APR', 'collateral', 'overdraft', 'withdrawal'?
the stock market

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