If You Can Define These Weird Words, You’re An Obscure Word Expert!

These word have been almost fully forgotten, either because they’re not really useful to modern people or because the things they define or describe are history. Even so, it’s important to learn these words which can be the building blocks of the historical English language. In this quiz you’ll get tested for the meanings of these special words that almost nobody speaks today.

Make no bones about it, this is a tough quiz. There are many words that you likely haven’t ever heard of, but don’t worry if you don’t get a good score, at least you’ll learn a few words along the way. Are you ready? Go!

What is a ‘drumble-dore’?
A stew containing pork and beef
A night watchman
A wizard
A heavy, stupid fellow
What is a 'schnozz'?
A coin
An alcoholic drink
A nose
A police officer
What does ‘valetudinary’ mean?
Truthful or genuine
Sickly or infirm
First in the class
Where would you experience a ‘somniation’?
While driving a car
While asleep
At a funeral
At a car wash
What is ‘clish-ma-claver’?
Gossip or foolish talk
Chaff separated from wheat
Heaps of garbage
Tunes written specifically for bagpipes
What is a ‘mish’?
A shirt
A mess-hall
A permission slip
a parole board
What is a ‘mangery’?
A banquet
An elaborate hoax
A dog kennel
A painting
What is a ‘slug-horn’?
A bell rung at a boxing match
A slug's head
A trumpet
A cornucopia
What does it mean to ‘expugn’?
To expose as a liar
To capture by fighting
To humiliate
To dig up a grave
Where might one (most likely) ‘terp’?
In a horse-drawn carriage
During a court deposition
On a dance floor
At a funeral

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