How Much Do You Know About U.S. Presidents?

The United States is the world’s leading power, militarily and economically. A group of people lucky enough to get elected by the country as President have each made their own imprint on history to shape that power. Only 45 different men have had the privilege to do so, as Grover Cleveland is considered both #22 and #24, because of the two non-consecutive elections.

How much do you know about the past U.S. presidents?

Which vice-presidential candidate had a cocker spaniel named Checkers?
Adlai Stevenson
Richard Nixon
Spiro Agnew
Hubert Humphrey
Since 1880, many US presidents, including President Obama, have sat in the Oval Office behind a piece of furniture known as the ‘Resolute Desk’. Why is it called that?
It was a gift from a logging town named Resolute
The wood came from a giant redwood tree known as ‘old Resolute’
It was made from the timbers of a ship called Resolute
It was nicknamed by President Hayes’ wife
Hillary Clinton is the first woman to run for president as the nominated candidate of one of the two major parties, Democrat and Republican. How many women have stood for vice president as a Democrat or Republican Party nominee?
An invention for “buoying vessels over shoals” is the only patent registered by a US president. Who?
Abraham Lincoln
Ulysses S Grant
Herbert Hoover
William McKinley
Of the 56 men who signed the American Declaration of Independence in 1776, two were future presidents. Which two?
George Washington and James Madison
John Hancock and Andrew Jackson
Benjamin Rush and James Monroe
Thomas Jefferson and John Adams
Which US president spent the longest time in office?
Grover Cleveland
James Madison
Thomas Jefferson
Franklin D Roosevelt
The first televised presidential election debates in the US were between John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon in 1960. Who took part in the second set of TV presidential debates?
Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford
Lyndon Johnson and Barry Goldwater
Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale
Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey
What relation was Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin D Roosevelt, to President Theodore Roosevelt?
No relation
Second Cousin

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How much do you know about US presidents?

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