How Much Do You Know About Medieval Times?

The Middle Ages were some of history’s most unstable periods, bad things happened, good things happened, but they all shaped the world as it is today. Mostly popularized by Chaucer, Magna Carta and The Black Death, it is an amazingly interesting time of history.

Test your knowledge of the Middle Ages with this quiz. Find out if you’re a Middle Ages expert!

Which international event was started by Pope Urban II’s sermon at Clermont in 1095?
The Great Schism
The First Crusade
The Hundred Years’ War
The Peace of God movement
Which 12th-century historian wrote the first detailed account of King Arthur?
William of Newburgh
Geoffrey of Monmouth
Chretien de Troyes
What proportion of the English population is estimated to have been killed by the Black Death in 1348-9?
One fifth
One tenth
Three quarters
One third
Which of the following is not a clause in Magna Carta?
An heir to land may not be forcibly married to someone of lower social standing
All fish-weirs are to be removed from the rivers Thames and Medway
No free man shall be seized or imprisoned except according to the judgement of his equals or the law of the land
All peasants must be given time off to attend church on Sundays
Which 15th-century Norfolk family left behind a large letter collection that tells us much about the lives of the gentry in the period?
The Plantagenets
The Pastons
The Becketts
The Godfreys
Only one of the following was an essential part of the marriage ceremony in the Middle Ages. Which one?
Consent of the couple’s parents
Blessing by a priest
Exchange of words of consent by the couple
Exchange of rings
Where did the popes spend much of the 14th century?
Which English king rebuilt Westminster Abbey in the 13th century?
Edward I
Edward the Confessor
Henry III
Which was the last country in Europe to convert officially to Christianity, in 1387?
Which 15th-century English queen was accused by her enemies of using magic in order to marry the king?
Anne of Bohemia
Margaret of Anjou
Elizabeth of York
Elizabeth Woodville

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How much do you know about medieval times?

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