Do You Know These Fascinating Facts About Witchcraft?

Witchcraft is a tricky subject to discuss. As we know, in the past, mostly in the 16th and 17th century, many people believed that witches are real. Even today, in distant corners of our world, there are people convinced that witches are out there.

Whether or not you are a ‘believer’, do you know the roots of witchcraft? Take this spooky quiz and find out!

One of the many superstitious beliefs in Tudor and Stuart times was that if a pregnant woman stared at the moon…
She would give birth to a slab of cheese
Her baby would go insane
She would go blind
According to a 17th-century comedy, who would "lead apes in hell"?
The keeper of the Tower of London menagerie
Women who died as virgins
Men who were convicted of witchcraft
Which pope published the bull Summis desiderantes affectibus in 1484, sparking the witch hunts that swept across Europe for the next two centuries?
Gregory XII
Innocent VIII
Pius II
In which year was 'Daemonologie', King James VI and I's best-selling book on witchcraft, first published?
How many people were implicated in the North Berwick witch trials that began in 1590 at King James I's orders?
Who were Joan, Margaret and Phillipa Flower?
The Witches of Eastwick
The Witches of Belvoir
The Witches of Pendle
How did Shakespeare ensure that 'Macbeth' would be more appealing to King James I than his other plays?
He made it shorter
He made it more violent
He modelled Lady Macbeth on James's wife, Anne of Denmark
What was the punishment for those convicted of witchcraft in England?
It has been estimated that between the early 15th and mid-17th centuries, 100,000 people were tried as witches. How many of these were executed?
A notorious witchcraft trial of 1619 involved a cat (or 'familiar') called what?

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How Much Do You Know About History’s Witchcraft?

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