Do You Know All 12 English Tenses?

English is full of interesting ways to express yourself, however there are some steadfast rules we must follow if we want everyone to understand and appreciate what we say.

Tenses are an important part of language, as they help people relate to what you’re saying and also assign logical sense to it. Do you have a firm grasp of the English tenses? Let’s find out!

The train to Chicago _____ in an hour; you had better hurry up!
Has been leaving
Taylor _____ at the moment, but she'll be sure to call you back later.
Is eating
Will eat
Did you _____ the flour and then _____ in the milk?
Have added, poured
Add, poured
Add, pour
When I arrived, Julie _____ a book.
Was reading
Had been read
Has been reading
I _____ that movie a hundred times.
Have seen
Have been seeing
His mom is exhausted; he _____ her crazy since he was born.
Has been driving
Has driving
Had been driving
I didn't eat much at lunch because I _____ a lot at breakfast.
Had eaten
Would have eaten
Was eating
You _____ waiting for more than an hour when she arrived.
Will be
Will have been
Had been
The girl scouts _____ cookies tomorrow, so you had better bring some cash!
Will have sold
Will have been selling
Are going to sell
Just wait and see! By Thanksgiving morning at 9:00, grandma ____ dinner.
Will be cooking
Will had been cooking
Has been cooking
If I were you, I _____ myself a pat on the back.
Will give
Would give
The bus was late. The passengers were upset because they _____ for twenty minutes.
Have been waiting
Are waiting
Were waiting
Had been waiting
The noodles should be ready; they_____ for at least ten minutes.
Have been boiling
Are boiling
Were boiling
If he_____ with his girlfriend, he_____ now.
Didn't break up/Wouldn't be sad
Hadn't broken up/Wouldn't be sad
Wouldn't have broken up/Will be sad
They_____ together for 3 years when they decided to get engaged.
Had been
Have been
If you had never taken this quiz, you _____ how good you are at English grammar!
Would not have known
Will not have known
Will not know

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Do You Know All 12 English Tenses?

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