Dietary Supplement Quiz: Match These Supplements & Vitamins To What They’re Commonly Used For

Dietary supplements, nutritional supplements, and vitamins are all essential to be familiar with in order to live a healthy life. Unfortunately, sorting through supplements that our bodies actually need and can benefit from is a minefield, and not everyone wants to go to a doctor for every little piece of advice.

We’ve constructed this quiz with the top 25 most popular dietary supplements people use. Your goal is to figure out which is the most common use case for each supplement. Remember, many vitamims and supplements (if not all) are supposed to have multiple uses, but we’re just asking for which use is the most ‘popular’ or common.

As always, if you have medical concerns, talk to a doctor and don’t just take supplements without knowing their side effects. Best of luck in our quiz, enjoy!

What is Fish Oil most commonly used for?
Lowering triglycerides & blood pressure
Digesting food
Growing hair
What is Garlic most commonly used for?
Improving coordination & mobility
Lowering cholesterol & blood pressure
Repelling vampires
What is Ginger most commonly used for?
Improving body odor
Increasing mental clarity
Stomach problems & nausea
What is Ginkgo most commonly used for?
Joint flexibility
Improving memory
What is Ginseng most commonly used for?
Fight infections & lower stress
Lower fat absorption
Improve vision
What is Calcium most commonly used for?
Decrease lactose intolerance
Improve bone strength
Grow bigger muscles
What is Cassia Cinnamon most commonly used for?
Controlling blood sugar & gas
Improve sense of smell
Decrease sweating
What is Chondroitin Sulfate most commonly used for?
Reducing joint pain
Improving gut health
Increasing metabolism
What is Chromium most commonly used for?
Making skin shinier
Helping with weight gain
Improving blood sugar control
What is Coenzyme Q-10 most commonly used for?
Heart and blood vessel conditions
Visual acuity
Joint pain
What is Cranberry most commonly used for?
Improving sense of taste
Dry eyes
Treatment of UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections)
What is Echinacea most commonly used for?
Prevent colds
Lose weight
Mask body odor
What is Hoodia most commonly used for?
Iron deficiency
Appetite suppression
Fighting fungal infections
What is Magnesium most commonly used for?
Improving muscle strength
Constipation & Indigestion
Muscle spasms
What is Melatonin most commonly used for?
Improving memory & recall
Skin elasticity
Sleep regulation
What is Milk Thistle most commonly used for?
Sleep disorders
Eye disorders
Liver disorders
What is Niacin (Vitamin B3) most commonly used for?
Muscle recovery
High cholesterol
UTI prevention
What is Saw Palmetto most commonly used for?
Iron deficiency
Lung capacity
Enlarged prostate
What is Glucosamine most commonly used for?
Balance issues
Digestive health
What is Green Tea most commonly used for?
Sleep issues
Vision improvement
Improve mental alertness
What is Selenium most commonly used for?
Memory improvement
Diseases of the heart and blood vessels
Skin softness
What is St. John's Wort most commonly used for?
Depression & anxiety
Softening stool
What is Valerian most commonly used for?
Mucus clearing
Weak grip
What is Zinc most commonly used for?
Growth & Immune response
What is Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) most commonly used for?
Helping with colds & iron absorption
Eye health
Gluten sensitivity

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