Can You Remember When These Common Holidays Are Celebrated Each Year?

Holidays seem to come and go quicker each year, and if you’re like us you rely on word of mouth and the news just to keep track of whats coming up. Not remembering the rules of when Labor Day or Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day fall each year is almost part of the process for us at this point.

Did you ever take the time to actually memorize when Holidays are supposed to take place or do you just count on being told? Let’s find out with this simple quiz!

When is Veteran's Day celebrated each year?

2nd Saturday in November
2nd Monday in November
November 11

When is Memorial Day celebrated each year?

Last Monday in April
Last Monday in May
May 15th

When is Labor Day celebrated each year?

August 29th
September 21st
First Monday in September

When is Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrated each year?

First Monday in February
January 22nd
Third Monday in January

When is Presidents' Day (Washington's Birthday) celebrated each year?

March 1st
February 12th
Third Monday in February

When is Columbus Day celebrated each year?

1st Monday in November
Second Monday in October
October 10th

When is Thanksgiving Day celebrated each year?

November 25th
Third Thursday in November
Fourth Thursday in November

When is Christmas Day celebrated each year?

December 25th
Third Sunday in December
Fourth Friday in December

When is Valentine's Day celebrated each year?

Second Saturday in February
February 14th
February 15th

When is St. Patrick's Day celebrated each year?

March 15th
Second Saturday in March
March 17th

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Can You Remember When These Holidays Are Celebrated Each Year?

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