Can You Pass The Ultimate World History Quiz?

world history
world history

From Ancient Rome to the American Revolution to the Stone Age, you’d have to be a genius to know all there is to know about what has happened in the world over time. You may have studied hard in school, but how much of that knowledge has stayed with you to where you can recite it on a moment’s notice?

We’ve assembled this ultimate world history quiz to see just how many detailed facts people can recall, and it turns out the answer it not many. Few people can get half of these questions correct, and a tiny percentage scores 90% and above.

Most of the questions you’re going to see are simple facts, but the reality is unless you’re a scholar or deal with these subjects regularly, you’re going to be hard pressed to remember the solutions you may have learned when you were a teenager in Mrs. Smith’s history class.

Do you have what it takes to remember the history that shaped our world? Let’s find out with this doozy of a test. Can you pass the ultimate world history quiz?

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