Can You Get These 10 Simple Grammar Rules Correct?

Following rules is usually important when it comes to taking tests and ‘mastering’ a subject. At times, people can get creative and flaunt those rules for their own benefit or to make a statement, but that doesn’t mean that they get a pass for not knowing them in the first place.

This simple grammar quiz tests your knowledge of some basic grammar rules. Do you think you can get them right?

Every sentence must have a subject and
a verb
an object
A plural subject needs
a singular verb
a plural verb
When two singular subjects are connected by or, use
a singular verb
a plural verb
Adjectives usually come
before a noun
after a noun
If an opinion-adjective and a fact-adjective are used before a noun, which comes first?
a fact-adjective
an opinion-adjective
In British English, a collective noun is usually treated as
The terms "its" and "it's" have
the same meaning
different meanings
Which is correct?
You're looking good
Your looking good
The order of a basic positive sentence is
The first letter of the first word in a sentence should be
a large letter
a capital letter

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Can You Get These 10 Simple Grammar Rules Correct?

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