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English is one of the most complex languages in the world. You might not even realize it’s complex, because it was most likely imprinted upon you at an earlier age, making it seem easy to you now.

If you’re not feeling confident in your English skills, you might have a little trouble with this quiz. It’s not as easy as it may seem at first glance, because these words are not necessarily everyday. Think you’ve got a handle on your genius level vocab? Let’s find out!

Let’s see how good your English is!

Sounds supernatural, but you can find it in nature. What is a “zephyr?”
Soft wind
Sand ripples
Shallow stream
Desert tree
If you refer to a woman as “wanton,” you’re saying she is…
Of Asian descent
Lewd and promiscuous
How nice! To “complement” something is to…
Give a free sample or side dish.
Politely express praise.
Complete or perfect.
“Due to William’s performance last quarter, Susan decided it was best to RELEGATE him to another position.”
What does “sanguine” mean?
Confidently cheerful
Dehydration headache
Jester of dark humor
Type of pasta
“The businessman BILKED his customers.”
Lied to
Entitled to a special discount
Replace the capitalized word with the appropriate word or phrase. “The professor asked me to ADUMBRATE my presentation.”
Roughly outline
Submit in a timely manner
“The doctor PROSCRIBED the patient from using extra stimulants.”
Wrote an order to the pharmacist
Commanded against
Advised to take as a preventative measure
“The woman MAWKISHLY accepted the bedazzled sweater from her boyfriend on Christmas.”
Insincerely emotional
Santa Claus can be described as a person with “largesse."What does that mean?
Physically large in size.
People gravitate toward his personality.
He likes to give away many gifts.
“When asked about her coding experience, Christina described herself as a NEOPHYTE.”
Moderately proficient
“The president’s statement against marriage equality ENGENDERED protests across the country.”
Prohibited men and women from participating together in
Gave rise to

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