20 Year Old Invents A Way To Clean The World’s Oceans

Cleanliness is not only about keeping things tidy, but also hygienic. Mankind is well known for its lack of consideration with our earthly neighbors we share the world with.

In consideration with our friends of the sea, a 20-year old thought of a brilliant and innovative way to lean up the mess we left in the ocean. It’s so great that it’s already planned to launch in Japan.

The method of which it cleans is actually quite simple. The novel approach the young inventor used is so simple that it just works. Usually, when collecting garbage in the oceans the strong rotating currents makes it difficult to maneuver any sort of machinery to do the actual cleaning. Slat’s Ocean Cleanup Foundation uses long floating barriers that uses the natural movement of the ocean currents to passively collect the traffic as it flows.

The company, owned by Boyan Slat, claims that the method is so effective at cleaning that 42% of the Pacific Garbage page will be cleaned in just 10 years, estimating that it will clear 70,320,000kg of plastic waste. What’s amazing about this method is that it can remain stationary and yet cover hundreds of square miles in a short time.

Take a below at the pictures to check it out!