10 Weirdest Birth Customs Around The World

10 Chinese moms stay at home. 


Chinese had a tradition called “zuo yue zi” or “sitting out of the month ” , Which means they have to stay at home for the period of 30-40 days. Think think that the expose of the moms to the outside will make them weak and will turn to sickness.

 Cannot touch the world.


In Bali the baby is not allowed to touch the floor for first six months. It means after 210 days only the baby can touch the floor. Till that the baby’s mom or any other relatives should always hold the little one. They think if the baby touch the floor it will discharge the energy. So they take  care of the baby  very well and make sure that the baby does not touch the floor by even mistakenly.

 Irish people sprinkle cake on the child’s head.


The popular Irish tradition shows the circle of the life. The parents save one piece of their wedding cake and sprinkle it on the head of the newly born baby of them.

  Pakistani moms have to move out.


A few days before the baby is born, In Kalash the mom moves out of the house and go to a ritualistic building which have the murals of the animals.  They think it contains the shrine of the goddess. No other is allowed inside except unclean women who is in their period.

 Cut the hair off.


Islam people called this as “Aqeeqah” . They shave the baby’s hair and they give equal amount of gold or silver to the poor people. They think that with this ritual they are thanking Allah for giving the birth of the baby.

 Nigerian birth without assistant.


Nigerian moms does not ask the help from others. They have to handle everything by themselves even without the help of midwives. Everyone will come after the delivery only this is being done because the moms have to go through the process by themselves.

 Fall for luck


In Maharashtra people have the habit to toss the newly born baby in the 50 foot temple. The family members will catch the baby on a stretched out cover.They think it will bring fortune and intelligence to the baby.

 Mother-in-laws should help.


Vietnam people always bring the mom’s mother in law to the newly born baby’s home for one month. They keep the house clean and make medicines and soups for the new mom.

02 Bath in the chilled water. 


Mayan people always bath their children with very chilled water. They think that the chilled water can prevent them from the very hot weather. The babies always scream out while they bath , But mothers don’t care . They just take a bath and let them to sleep.

 Spitting on the baby.


In Mauritania and some other surrounding countries people think that human can retain words. So they spit on the newly born baby. Ladies spit on the face and men spit on their ear. This makes the child grow up just as the donor of the spit.