10 Weird Suicide Locations

Suicide is always being a worst tragedy to die. But many people attempt suicide in various ways. These certain famous locations have have been attracting lots of people to commit suicides here. One should not have the intention to suicide, But just for the knowledge, A list of 10 world’s famous suicide spots have been generated.

Winchester Mystery House


It is a mansion in San Jose, California. This mansion has around 150 rooms and designed in a complex way. This mansion has been claimed to be haunted by many ghosts including Winchester and they believe these ghosts kill the people. But the truth is people who lost their life goes in to the mansion and commit suicide and their police files have been closed.

Suicide Bridge California


The beautiful bridge along Colorado Street was acquired a nick name “Suicide Bridge”. This bridge has seen over 100 people commit suicide from it. Nearly 50 suicides occurred during 1933 to 1937. But people have still found it is very easy to commit suicide. The recent suicide was committed in May, 2014. Along with these bunch of suicides the ghosts also came. And it is known as several spirits haunt the bridge and strange sounds and cries echo through the night.

Beachy Head


It is chalk headland in Southern England. It is 162 meters above the sea level and this height also made this as a famous suicide spot around the world. There are an estimated 20 suicides in this spot. There is a team to conduct regular day and evening patrols of the area to stop the jumpers. Workers at the pub and taxi drivers also advised to be inform to the team if anyone is attempting suicide.

Nusle Bridge


Nearly 400 people have died by leaping from the deck of the huge concrete span in Prague. Almost everyone who jumps from the bridge dies on the pavement is suddenly transformed into a grotesque spectacle for those who are living in the bridge’s shadow. This bridge has been a favorite suicide spot because it’s easy to reach and the fall certainly kill people. Almost every week fire fighters and police respond to calls from the motorist who say there is a dead body or someone is trying to jump. hundreds of dead and hundreds of saved alive also.

The Gap


The gap is an ocean cliff on south head Peninsula in Sydney. The tall cliffs have made this location for those who want to end their lives. Several measures like cameras, lifeline counselling phone booths have been implemented to decrease the number of suicide attempts here. Don Ritchie was known as Angle of Gap for saving the lives about 164 people who tried suicide here. He always talk to people who attempt suicide and make them ending up with having a tea with him.

Niagara Falls


The falls on the border of Ontario and New York is not only a tourist attractive place it is a place where massive number of dead bodies have been found. Around 2780 people have committed suicide here so far. The suicide place is known as “Suicide hub”. Many of the people have lost here and not discovered so far.

Eiffel Tower


This massive construction in France has been a most recognizable landmarks in the world. Of course had been a suicide place also. French government does’t want to declare it as a suicide spot so it is difficult to find the exact number of deaths here. But it is the third most  popular means of suicide location in entire country. This tower is actually quite difficult to jump because of safety measures but many attempted successfully.



This is 35 square kilometer forest in Mount Fuji in Japan known as Suicide Forest. It is the more reportedly suicide place in Japan and third famous among the world. Reports say that over 100 murders happening in one year. 105 in 2003, 108 suicides in 2004 were attempted here. In 2010 247 attempted suicide and 54 of them only completed the act. This number may significantly increase but people come and suicide in a nearby wooden area because people don’t really know where the forest is. The most common suicides methods in 2011 were hanging up and drug overdose.

Golden Gate Bridge


This is a suspension bridge spanning the golden gate strait in San Francisco. This 245 feet bridge became a world’s attractive suicide spot. It has been called the second most famous suicide spots around the world having nearly 1200 deaths. Only 5% of the jumpers have been survived. People have been specifically traveled to San Francisco to attempt suicide from here. Most of the bodies have been washed out to sea even without being seen. In 2008 there was a plastic cover installed as a suicide deterrent still suicides happening there.

Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge


It is a double decked bridge across the Yangtze river spanning 4588 meters in China. This bridge has two main claims one is this is the first heavily constructed building and the other one is listed as the most common suicide spot in the world more than 2000 suicides.