10 Ways To Make Money Online

If you have a smartphone or computer most of the make money online ads are cons. You can earn money by just sitting in sofa making your leisure time usefully. This guide gives you 10 ways to make money online just by writing, selling things, upload videos, surveys and much more.

Flip domain names


Buying something for lower price and selling it for higher price is the main concept of business. Flipping domain names also same as this. The main strategy is to use the Google adwords to find the trending domain names and buy them. But most of the common domain names have been sold out so you can either go for random words or acronyms.(Xiaomi splashes out $3.6m on MI.com domain).

Sell articles


Lots of small business men, websites and marketers need good writers to have quality content to get more traffic. There is no guarantee that you can get a workplace in the beginning but you can get for sure. Most articles require around 200-400 words which does not eat your time. Once you prove yourself as a powerful writer you can get paid more. There are many websites to sell your articles online. You can check for Fiverr.com  or oDesk.com  and much more.

Google Adsense


May be it sounds like too much technical word but not really! It is an advertising platform where you can easily sign up and paste the given small code in you websites so allowing the advertisements to automatically roll in your website. You can show relevant and engaged ads match with your contents. You will get earning from it once you user watches the advertisement.

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is where you will be rewarded when you help a business by promoting their services or products. Once you sign up with an affiliate program you will be getting a code which you can use to refer traffic to the site. You have to just paste that code in your website, If people click on that code they will be redirected to the product website. Then if they purchase a product or use a service you will be getting a commission. Check out these affiliate management programs.

Review music for money


If you love listening to music make money from it. You can make your business by reviewing unsigned bands and artists for cash. It can take a while to make reputation of yours. But once you get the reputation you can make money easily. Check out MusicXray.com , RadioLoyalty.com to make money with music.



Fiverr is the world’s largest place for people to make money online selling small services known as gigs. You can do anything like social media posting, writing, translating, playing pranks and create music. The default price starts with $5 and you can go up too.

Online survey sites


This surveys are all about making cash by filling online surveys. All you have to do is sign up to the websites wait till the survey alerts come to you and then fill it. The surveys can be anything from your studies to sports.Check out this list of online survey websites.

Upload videos to YouTube


Recent statistic say that people watch YouTube videos more than searching something in Google. You can earn money online using making and uploading YouTube videos using YouTube partner program . You will be getting a percentage for each 1000 visitors for your video. Depending on your reputation you can increase the money you get.

Selling your stuffs


You may have things which is not really necessary for you but others are willing to buy it. It is just easy to sign up and gather your goods, make profile and sell products. It helps you to put some extra cash in your packet by just cleaning up your things. You can either go for eBay.com or the preferred site for selling books amazon.com and even more.

Make money if you know it all


There are sites to pay if you know information. You can earn money to research the answers for questions. The beauty of this is you can select the topics you are interested in and the hours you work. The websites provide questions from beauty tips to homework doubts. Once you are approved you can set your own fee for questions. The more answer you give more money. Check out chacha.com , liveperson.com or 63336.com to make money online.