10 Unusual Dog Breeds

Ever seen a Thai Ridgeback, a Telomian or a Azawakh? These arent ordinary dogs yousee while taking a stroll in the park. Some hail from far-off locales, others have unique features like hair growing in the opposite direction only on the back or talents like truffle-hunting and climbing. There are clearly more than 10 unusual dog breeds out there. But checkout which ones made it to our list!

Tibetan Mastiff


Hailing from China, the Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient breed huge in size and noble in bearing. Known for a “solemn but kind expression” and an impressive double coat. An extremely protective, intelligent, and independent dog, he prefers to make his own decisions, and is not easily trained. Walking off-leash, obeying commands, and trusting strangers are challenges with this majestic canine.

Swedish Vallhund

Swedish Vallhund-8.jpg-0

Swedish Vallhunds are athletic dogs, excelling in obedience, agility, tracking, herding, and flyball which is why traditionally they are good for herding.

Bedlington Terrier


Anyone would mistake this one as a lamb! Bedlington Terrier puppies have dark coats that fade with age. This unique dog breed is good with kids and is easy to take care of. As long as Bedlington Terrier has his fur trimmed and gets enough exercise, he will keep his tail wagging. If you are thinking of having one, be ready for a stubborn attitude and loud barking!



This is one of the rarest breed of dogs. It’s got a nose spilt has a very strong sense of smell. That’s why they’re great hunters and they’re able to track well. This unique dog breed is mostly seen in Turkey for hunting and is not known in other countries.

Catahoula Cur


Also know as Catahoula Leopard Dog is the first dog bred in the US. It was named after Catahoula Parish in Louisiana and was traditionally used to hunt wild boar. The often multi-colored or spotted Catahoula Leopard Dog was originally used for herding and once lived in swamps to round up cattle and pigs. This dog needs a truly dominant owner that can teach it the difference between wrong and right as it needs a lot of attention.


U Tidet 3 J 7 M TamulaiAmazzal

This West African sighthound makes a fiercely protective companion and guardian, and an extremely intelligent lure courser. These dogs are timid by nature, but friendly and very affectionate. The breed is used to hunt gazelle and other fleet animals. The breed is elegantly built and features a short coat in a wide variety of colors and markings such as grizzle, red, blue fawn, and, rarely, black and blue.

Thai Ridgeback


It’s a very unique dog breed. The Thai Ridgeback has a line of hair running along the back in the opposite direction to the rest of the coat. Only two other breeds have this. These beautiful, strong-willed and powerful dogs are usually used as livestock guardians. Thai Ridgeback is a very intelligent breed. This dog is best kept by a consistent owner who has a good understanding of dog behavior.

Lagotto Romagnolo


Hailing from the Romagna sub-region of Italy, the Lagotto Romagnolo was named as a lake dog and traditionally used as a gun dog specially a water retreiver. They are also known as Romagna Water Dog. Its most interesting occupation, though, is truffle hunting.



Telomian are often known as a breed of dingo. Telomians were originally bred as vermin-controlling hunting dogs by the Orang Asli indigenous people of Malaysia. Telomians developed an unusual climbing ability, as the Orang Asli built their houses on stilts in order to avoid contact with dangerous animals on the ground. It is the only Malaysian bred dog to live elsewhere.

Chinese Crested


Here’s a fact! The Chinese Crested isn’t from China. Experts believe that this small breed originated in Central America. They were used as ratters on ships along Mexico’s coast, the dogs were often traded for goods. Chinese boat crews adored these canines. By the 18th century, people believed it was Asian! There are two types of Chinese Crested dogs: the hairless, and powderpuff. A single litter of puppies can produce both varieties.

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