10 Things You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About Rihanna

Rihanna is a popular singer from Barbados. All we know for songs such as “Pon de Replay”, “Good Girl Gone Bad”, “Man Down,” “What’s My Name?”, “Only Girl (In The World)” and etc.

However, we now present the facts you might not know about this beautiful girl.

10. Her Song “Unfaithful”

This song is actually based on the love affair she had, 14 years ago that was not natural, as she says.

9. She Had A Small Movie Roll

Although it has done well, we recognize that her singing is better than act.  Rihanna in the movie “Bring It On: All or Nothing”3. She gave one million dollars to ensure that your feet are, she says, her greatest asset.

8. Her Favorite Singers..

Are Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys and Whitney Houston.

7. Affair?

At a time when it was at the beginning of his career, there were rumors that have affair with Jay-Z who was then in a relationship with Beyonce.


6. Umbrellas

She banned a entry of umbrellas at his concerts. The reason is that she is a afraid to avoid injury while performing the song “Umbrella”, if her fans tried to imitate her dance moves.

5. National Rihanna Day

In February 2008, Barbados devoted to a national holiday to Rihanna. She gave her thanks by holding a free concert for all fans there.


4. Taste Preferences

Rihanna does not like Mexican, Chinese, Japanese and Indian food.

3. No Veggies?

She admits that she doesn’t like vegetables, and that her diets are based only on fruits.

2. Fashion Against AIDS

She took part in a charity campaign “Fashion against AIDS” whose aim was to help with the fashion raise awareness about the use of protection during sexual intercourse.

1. Broke?

In 2009, Rihanna claimed for bankrupcy due to a mismangement error from accountancy firm, Berdon, LLP. She bought a $7 and $7.5 million dollar house, but later sold it for a loss of $2M. Who knew?