10 Things To Remind Us Love Still Exists

Valentine’s Day is approaching and love is in the air. But did you know, that Valentine’s Day is also the day many couples break up? Don’t be a V-Day downer. Here are 10 things that remind us that love still exists.


Happy mother and her children lying on a bed

Moms nag, but it’s because they love you. Have you heard of those mothers that can life a truck to save their child? That’s love. Love is not about a boy and a girl. It consists of all sorts of relationships!


Mothers Love

The product of love (most of the time). Babies remind us that love really does exist and it exists in many forms.



We say arguments because only when something is worth it, will someone put forth their best arguments. The more heated the person is, the more likely that he or she truly loves you. Don’t forget that.



Do you have friends who were turned enemies? The moment they make up, you can realize that yes, love exists. Especially among friends.

Rom Coms

Funny Valentine's Day

Go watch a romantic comedy. It’ll be the quickest and most efficient way to remind yourself that there’s still a chance for love.

Denzel Washington (And Other Celebs)

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Celebrities are always in the limelight. Often times, people say, they can get anyone they want. Well, sure they can and sure there are a bunch that do. Some folks like Mr. Washington however, remained faithful to some lucky lady for 31 years and counting! Regardless of their fame, the fact that marriages like this last truly remind us it’s possible.


sux being the youngest

Did you watch frozen? Well, it was a testimony to true love. Well, sisterly love. Although you and your siblings may fight, you know your sister or brother has got your back when it counts.


two girlfriends lying down on grass

Do you know a friend that you’d die for? Do you have friends that would die for you? Well, not literally, but this kind of relationship is such a good example of love. You have no familial ties, but you act like you do. Truly appreciate this if you got it and search for it if you don’t.

Toddler Love


These little toddlers don’t really know much about the world. They’re not yet exposed to the bad in life so their love means that much more. It’s also super freaking adorable, which is another proof love exists.

Old People Couples

Elderly couple

40, 50 and maybe even 60 years of marriage. Couples that last that long really warm our hearts. They are a true testimony that love still exists and is worth fighting for. I’m sure that most of those couples had their downs, but they stuck with it and carried on. A great reminder that love is worth fighting for.