10 Strangest Superstitions That People Believe In

Everyone is superstitious in one way or the other. Indeed it is a more old fashioned way of behaving in a society. But the truth is we all have some weird beliefs, such as some of us are fond of the number ‘7’,some feel that a particular item might be special for them, my mom believe Friday the 13th is almost close to dooms day and is always on pins! Here’s a list we’ve compiled of the most strangest superstitious which people believe in.

Keep a hot cross bun for a year

cross buns 6

Hot cross buns were originally eaten at ancient pagan festivals (without the cross). Christians added this in later to ward off evil spirits, and once baked on Good Friday morning, one was hung in the house for a year to bring good luck. That’s going to be spoilt in a year’s time.

If a bird poops on your house, you’ll be rich


In Russia, if a bird poop on you, your car or your property it’s good luck, and may bring you riches. The more birds involved, the richer you’ll be!

Tuck your thumbs in if you pass a graveyard


In Japan, if you walk by a graveyard, you must tuck your thumbs in to protect your parents. This is because the Japanese word for thumb literally translates as “parent-finger” and so by hiding it you are protecting your parents from death.

Go to hospital on a Wednesday


An old wives tale says the best day to go to hospital is a Wednesday. Monday is the best day to leave and Saturday is the worst – as it means you’ll be back soon.

Eat grapes at midnight for good luck


In Spain when the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve, guess what the superstitious people do? No prayers, no offerings, no kisses. They eat twelve grapes which signify good luck for the twelve months. I mean seriously they believe in something like eating grapes could bring luck. Certainly there is no logic between the two and hence it’s definitely on the most strangest beliefs in the world.

Three cigarettes lit with the same match brings bad luck


I guess then they might call that bad luck as cancer. Since no other bad luck can be bigger than this. After all it is the worst consequence that smoking can lead to. But what does this concept of lighting up three cigarettes with the same match mean. I simply cannot find a logical reason for it.

If three people are photographed together, the one in the middle will die first


Completely stupid right? Were you thinking about the countless pictures you got clicked standing in the middle? Next time before clicking a picture, if it is not you then it might be someone else standing in the middle. So I guess the best option is to leave the middle place empty or replace it with some inanimate object.

Don’t chew gum at night


In Turkey, people believe that if you chew gum at night you are actually chewing the flesh of the dead. So one should avoid doing that and either use some mouth spray or mouth wash kind of stuff at such hours. A weird belief that the Turkish believe.

Stay forever young by carrying an acorn


In Ancient Britain, women carried acorns in their pockets to stay younger looking. According to Richard Webster in The Encyclopedia of Superstitions the oak tree was believed to provide longevity and to ward off illness due to its long life.

An awkward silence means an Angel is passing over


It’s one weird concept to believe in. Dylan Thomas’ Portrait of the Artist – it features the line ‘A host of angels must be passing by … What a silence there is!’. Hence this strange belief of angels passing by when there is an awkward silence was believed by many.