10 Simple Tips To Lose Weight (Without exercise & diet)

Self control is key in losing weight. Working out obviously involves a lot of self control, but for many it’s difficult to maintain. These 10 tips will help you slowly lose weight without breaking yourself with diet and exercise!

10. Don’t Drink (Booze)


Alcohol can do you no good for your body. Dark alcohol is even worse for you. If you absolutely must, drink light/white alcohols. Also, try not to drink cocktails with a lot of sugars. Actually, if you want to lose weight, just stop drinking.

9. Eat Healthier Snacks

healthy breakfast

Snacks are an important part of one’s day. Just avoid sugary snacks or processed foods. Try Almonds in combination with Raisins, as they’re nutritious and delicious.

8. Don’t Avoid Walking


Walking is is the best friend of someone who is in shape. Let that be your best friend. Walking is a great source of exercise and for someone who doesn’t want to exercise, it’s basically the only way you can get cardio. Instead of taking an elevator or escalator, just take the stairs if it’s reasonable!

7. Don’t Count Calories

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This is something that many people in the world are having problems with. Counting calories never turns out to be positive. In fact, it can stress you out more and more stress can cause you to gain weight!

6. Experiment

What am I cooking?

They experiment in the kitchen. Good food doesn’t always mean healthy food. Have fun with how you eat so try experimenting in the kitchen with healthier ingredients! You actually might find out that you love it!

5. Sleep

Sleeping Girl on the bed

Not sleeping actually makes you gain weight. Trust.

4. Eat Good Food


There’s nothing you can buy that is “bad” for you. It’s just a matter of controlling yourself and giving yourself  balanced diet. Don’t eat foods that you know are historically “bad” for you.

3. Stretch More Often

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It’s just healthy to stretch. Your posture plays a big part of how you move and you can improve your life to lose weight slowly.

2. Talk More While Eating

Group Of Friends Enjoying Meal At Home

Obviously, the more you talk the less food goes in your belly. It’s a simple way to eat less.

1. Just Say No


No need for that extra slice or that piece of candy. Just say no to the things you know you shouldn’t be eating.