10 Realistic Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day (For Guys)

If you have a date for Valentine’s Day, but don’t have too much going on in the funds department, then this list is for you. We’re not going to let the romance die just because you can’t afford to go over the top!

Go Back To Her Home Town (If She’s A Local)


This one may not apply to that many situations, but this is truly sweet if you have the time and if the opportunity is appropriate. Give her the tour she almost forgot. Go to the places she went to as a kid or in high school. Let her remember the good times she had back then and allow her to relive them with you!

Dinner And A Movie

Young couple at the cinema

It’s a classic date. That doesn’t mean that it’s not appropriate for Valentine’s Day. If you are going on a date for the first time with this girl, then it’s even better because you can ease some of the awkwardness. It’s also relatively cheap!

Go Stargazing

a beautiful night sky, the Milky Way and the trees

Go to your town’s highest hill. If it’s weather appropriate, then just have a conversation and star gaze. Simple and (free).

Go Hiking

Camping  Hiking Man and Woman

It’s so cheap to go hiking. Usually, you just pay for parking! Take your date out hiking, It’s a cute way to spend time.

Coffee Date


Valentine’s Day is a great time to confess your love. Well, maybe you just used this day to muster up the courage to finally ask her out. That’s fine but what do you do? Just go on a simple coffee date. Follow up with dinner. Do that in the reverse order. Your choice.

Go Bar Hopping

Young attractive happy smiling couple celebrating life event wit

If you’re young enough and hip enough, then why not go bar hopping. Carefully plan out where craft beers are made and take your date on a tour. (grab a taxi..don’t drink and drive!). Set a time limit. 30 minutes per bar, 1 beer each. It’s fun and exciting and actually won’t cost you thatttt much.

Go Biking

Happy couple riding bicycle outdoors

It’s even better if she doesn’t know how to ride a bike. Teach her and you two can go for a nice little bike ride. Or even better, ride a tandem bike. You can go somewhere cool and just chit chat all the way over there. Pack a picnic basket!

Go For A Drive


Pick her favorite place in the world. Drive there. Easy peasy.

Get Lost


Walk the streets of your local town or city. Go somewhere you don’t know and get lost in that city. Walk around and get to know her. Don’t check your phone as to where you’re going! You can always use GPS to find your way back.

Cook Her A Meal

Man Preparing Meal

Even if you’re terrible at cooking, then you can make the excuse that at least you tried. She’ll appreciate it at least. You can order food as a back up. It’s an extremely cute gesture that will never get old. Cooking for her shows you how much effort you put in and regardless of the outcome, that you’ll always try.