10 Powerful Images Around The World

Nowadays, cakes aren’t just square or round with white frosting covering it with a few decorations.
Now, we can ask for these master chefs to concoct grand edible creations that are not only creative and visually pleasing, but also delicious!

It’s pretty neat how  a pastry chef can create a cake so creative. It’s as if someone took a snapshot of a thought and turned it into food.

10. Overdeveloped Metropolis of Mexico City

This metropolis is WAY to crowded with over 20 million inhabitants. When is too much real?


9. An Elephant Killed By Poachers

This elephant was killed by poachers and left to rot. Disgusting people.


8. A Rain Forest In Consumed By Smoke

The little white specs are goats running away from their home.


7. The Smell Of Yellow River

The man below is a simple herd farmer, but the stench of the yellow river is almost unbearable. His reaction is priceless to the pollution and filth in the river.


6. Waste In Bangladesh

This incineration plant needs to start doing its job and properly dispose of garbage. The fact that the garbage is still there and being burned says a lot.


5. Night Aerial View of LA

This image shows the work of the modern world. It also shows how much energy we really do consume. This is just at night, imagine how much is consumed throughout the day.


4. Deforestation In Oregon

This ancient forest was cut down to make way for a new dam. Shocking and powerful.


3. The Mir Mine In Russia

It’s the largest diamond mine in the world.


2. Massive Waterfall From Melting Ice

The fact that these massive ice cliffs are melting and creating beautiful waterfalls is only proof that the climate change is real. It may be visually stunning, but its impact may be a danger to us all.


1. Surfing In Java, Indonesia

This surfer managed to catch this gnarly wave. Unfortunately, this wave is filled with garbage. We really need to clean our oceans.