10 Pieces Of Advice Every Mother Must Say To Her Daughter


All parents who passed through all stages in their life, the lessons that they learned wants to deliver to their children. Especially every mother worried about her daughter how to develop and what kind of person she will become. There are some advice that every mother want her daughter to know.

10. “ It is not necessary to respect all rules” “You don’t have respect some rules just for to be accepted by others. You can be Lady, also you can be the best friend with guys. You can go to the opera and you can go to the rock concert.”

9. “Take care of yourself” “You should exercise and eat healthy, not because you have to be skinny, just because your body is where you live and you want to treat in the best way you can.

8. “Be grateful and kind with others!” “Be open to others’ opinion’s. There is always something that you can learn.

7. It is OK to feel vulnerable It happens to everyone…“If you feel bad about something, ask, read, look for help!”

6. “I will be your best friend” “Always and forever in every situation! That doesn’t mean that sometimes we don’t have a fight or not to hate me for some decision but at the end of the day I will be the person who loves you completely and unconditionally.


5. “Respect yourself” Never tell yourself something that that you would not to tell your friend.

4. “Be courageous” “Always dare to say and do what you think is right. Never be afraid of speaking your mind!”

3. “Never feel bad about things that you cannot change them”

2. “You will not be the best in everything” “To be honest, you can be the best, but in everything it is impossible. Go to perfection, but if you don’t reach, don’t be disappointed. The life is not perfect!

1. “When people tell you “ life is tough” don’ t listen to them!” “Life gives you opportunities to learn; what you make out of it is what makes your life beautiful.”