10 Korean Fusion Foods You Probably Should Try

Korean Cuisine has really gained a lot of popularity these days and there’s a reason why. With the birth of food trucks like Korilla, Korean fusion food has taken the cuisine of the small peninsula in Asia and really created a new branch of edible goodness. Here are our 10 favorite Korean fusion foods that you must try!

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 10. Bulgogi Sliders


Bulgogi is a staple of Korean food. Now try it as a slider! It’s a great way to get that sweet meaty goodness on a bun and eat it in just a few bites!

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9. Korean Style Meatballs


Meatballs are great and they go well with almost anything. Using Korean red hot chili pepper paste, lather these meatballs and put em on a stick. You’ll enjoy it!

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8. Battered Fried Kimchi


Kimchi is almost always on the table when one is eating Korean food. If you tried it you probably loved it! Now, try it when it’s fried! It’s got a weird taste to it at first, but you’ll absolutely love it!

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7. Kimchi Kalbi Grilled Cheese


Cheesy, Gooey, Bready and Kimchi? This combination of all good things come together as one in this awesome fushion dish. It’s sweet, spicy and yes, very very cheesy!

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6. BiBimBap Tacos!


BiBimBap is great and it’s a classic Korean dish. Now, try it in taco form!

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5. Kimchi Cheese Fries


There seems to be a common theme in Korean fusion recipes. Well, this one is no exception. It’s so good and cheesy that you’ll crave for more.

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4. Korean-Style Spaghetti


At any given time in the world, someone somewhere is eating spaghetti. That’s how popular this dish is! Now, imagine it with a kick of that good ole Korean Food zest!

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3. Kimchi Quesadillas


Cheese and meat made flat on a tortilla are known as a quesadilla. Add kimchi and pieces of kalbi and presto! You have a Korean Quesadilla. Add some extra cheese and you have an amazing fusion dish!

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2. Korean Burritos


Korean-Mexican dishes are the latest craze. This one is so good! It’s a classic burrito, but instead of chicken/steak you add kalbi and kimchi! What the holy deliciousness!

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1. Korean BBQ Chicken Pizza


BBQ chicken is nothing new. It’s an unconventional dish and who’s to say that we can’t make it even more unconventional? When creating the sauce, you add the Korean red chili paste and add kimchi as a topping. It’s really yummy if you give it a shot!

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