10 Hilariously Hacked Digital Road Signs

Digital or electronic road signs are quite popularly used to inform an activity happening ahead. However, hacking one of those road signs and displaying a message of your own is any easy task. All you have to do is open up the control box, enter “DOTS” as the password if it has one, and input whatever crazy message you want to spread. We’re not recommending you go out and actually do this, but there are people out there who have already done it and have come up with come hilariously creative messages. Here’s 10 hilariously hacked digital road signs:

Zombie Alert

Zombies Ahead

You will never get to work on time


Smoke weed everyday


Sorry Mario 🙁

$_3 (2)

Military Tanks?

$_3 (3)

Afraid of the British

$_3 (4)

Don’t drink and drive 😛


Ex- Girlfriend’s revenge


Strip club promotion


Honk if you are wearing a thong

$_3 (1)